From Judgment To Curiosity – Getting You More Love

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My personal definition of “judgment (or, judgement!)” is this:

We ignore how we really feel – how we’re really experiencing something, and then we try to make all our unpleasant feelings go away by taking some mental position that’s the same as always – the way we habitually cope with our unpleasant feelings – and then we create an “opinion” about the whole thing.

By the time we’re through processing, we’ve almost taken all our humanness and the other person’s, too, out of the picture.

We judge ourselves so harshly we cannot help but judge others that way, too.

I’m so all for “curiosity” about whatever’s going on – and leaving judgment somewhere off in the “I’m feeling it, but I’m not going to focus on it” place – where all unpleasant feelings can rest, enjoy themselves, but not impact our decisions about what we choose to be about next.

Love, Rori

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