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rori willy backyard1Hi, this is Rori, and be sure to take advantage of the amazing new RRRCT trainees! They’ll be graduating this week, so this is your last chance…

You can try every one of them (they all use my Tools and techniques, they’ve practiced extensively coaching me and the RRRCT Master Coach Teachers during live class hours, so I KNOW they’re good) for one free session each!

And, if you quickly fall for one of them (I know you will) – you’ll be able to continue with that coach at a hugely discounted rate.

Here’s the list – go to their websites and contact each of them to schedule your free appointment (they each have a “Contact” page so you can write to them through a form).

Also – download their freebie reports! Each of these five great new coaches have subscriber boxes – with Newsletters and Freebie reports – so be sure to sign up and pick up their “Freebie” and great newsletters…

Rogue –

Rogue is a total original, with a unique point of view, compassion for days, warmth, personal experience that’ll feel just like yours – whatever your situation – and a sense of “life” that’ll inspire you, lift you up, and turnaround your love life fast. She’s all about “Going Rogue…” and will help you truly feel your own uniqueness, specialness, awesomeness and amazing fearlessness.

Shellie Lee

Shellie is the bomb. Her coaching and writing are unique, amazing, and will reach into your own experience like she’s your best friend from the moment you speak with her or read around her website. Shellie’s all about The Elemental Feminine, you’ll love her freebie, and her coaching skills will help you transform whatever you’re going through now into something totally, quickly fixable.

Silk Celia

Silk is one of the most accomplished and international coaches ever to go through RRRCT. Her bag of Tools is huge, and her skills and style are warm, fun and powerful. Silk speaks several languages, including her native German, and lives in Dubai, one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities (Skype works great for coaching – and it’s free!) – where dating is even more complex than in New York! Get her free “6 Steps To His Complete Devotion...”

Beth Ellen

Beth has a voice and style so warm, you feel like you’ve landed in some safe harbor while you’re with her. She’s all about “Bridging The Gap To Love” – and has a great freebie and newsletters. Beth is so “real” – you’ll feel completely enveloped in new-found strength to “bridge” ALL the gaps in your life – to get from wherever you are to where you want to be with a grace and fearlessness she’ll help you discover.

Gabrielle Grae

Gabrielle is a unique combination of elegance, sophistication, sharp-as-a-tack hot coaching – and cozy,  down-home, NASCAR, hanging at the racetrack Texas girl. She can teach you the difference between irresistible vulnerability and the drama that pushes men away, quickly getting you out of whatever “rut” you’re in and moving into what you want.

I know any coach who’s been trained by me in RRRCT can give you faster results than any other coach out there…so if you’d like to become a coach yourself and join this elite, very special group of powerful coaches, go here to check RRRCT out (you can contact me to interview for the “RRRCT Homestudy – Go At Your Own Pace” class right now):

Try these coaches out for free – ALL of them if you like! – and be helped and inspired…

privateNote From Rori: For new, free Tools, fresh advice on Love, Relationship, the new Business Siren Protocols for Having It All, invitations to live events, free interviews, PLUS a bonus ebook! – “Navigating Love – Tools From Roadtrips With My Husband” – go here to get on my “Private List”–>>

Love, Rori


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