Get Great Private Sessions FREE From My RRRCT Trainees!

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Hi, this is Rori, and be sure to take advantage of the amazing new RRRCT trainees! They’ll be graduating soon, so this is your last chance to get free sessions with them and hugely discounted coaching packages.

You can try every one of them (they all use my Tools and techniques, they’ve practiced extensively coaching me and the RRRCT Master Coach Teachers during live class hours, so I KNOW they’re good) for one free session each!

And, if you quickly fall for one of them (I know you will) – you’ll be able to continue with that coach at a hugely discounted rate.

Here’s the list – go to their websites and contact each of them to schedule your free appointment (they each have a “Contact” page so you can write to them through a form). If you have any trouble connecting through your computer – try your phone!!!)

Also – be sure to download their great freebie reports!

Debra Darlen –

I first met Debra in my home, at my Love Forever Live workshop – and from the moment I met her I knew she was special.  Debra’s been through so much, has such a huge heart and brilliant skills, and she’ll be able to put your love life right very quickly. She continually credits me and the Rori Raye Tools for getting her through the ups and downs of her experiences – but I know it’s her, not me.  She’s an amazing person, and I know she’ll help you.

Katelyn Kent –

Katelyn is a very well-known  “equine therapist” – which means she’s a “Horse Whisperer” for real.  And the way this helps you get the man and love you want is that Katelyn can teach you how to “Whisper” directly to a man’s inner self, to communicate with him subliminally, from your heart, from deep inside you, in a completely new, intuitive, instinctual way that will wrap him up in a bow for you.  The way she heals horses and their owners is exactly the way you can heal every man you meet and make him yours forever.  Try her, you’ll be blown away.

Mariah Grey –

Mariah is one of the warmest, nicest, kindest, smartest, surest, most skilled and brilliantly inventive coaches I’ve ever taught, and her specialties are many.  If you’re a plus-size woman wanting a really great relationship, if you’d like a boost of body positivity and quick help learning to not only love yourself, but to inspire deeply connected love in a man – and if you just feel stuck and would like to write your own, brand new love story – Mariah is your coach. She’ll be opening the new Rori Raye Love School LIVE Coaching programs in a few weeks with her “Plus Love” program – look for my email soon…

Shahrzad –

Shahrzad may look like a “princess,” but she didn’t start out that way, and her specialty is exactly what she’s gone through and come through – feeling “Invisible” and falling prey to the “Nice Girl Syndrome.” You’ll want to get a session with Shahrzad for so many reasons, and you’ll want to stay and work with her because of how great she makes you feel.

Maryssa Dandurand –

Maryssa is also a psychologist and counselor, and by adding Rori Raye coaching skills to her “toolbox” you get a huge lift. Maryssa specializes in many areas, and if you’re feeling neglected, emotionally abused, really down because of your past – these heavy feelings and experiences are right in Maryssa’s deep understanding and skills.

Jane Mary –

Jane has been successfully counseling, even before she came to RRRCT,  with several unique specialties – and this cool one might especially interest you: “Ancestral Healing To Get The Love You Deserve.”  Jane helps you to basically clear your past and start fresh.  It’s a super-cool way to work with Jane, along with the Rori Raye coaching method that will put it all together for you with men, so you can drop your old patterns and really connect with the man you want.

Lauren Jade –

Lauren may seem like the girl-next-door, but she embodies and will teach you how to embody your inner wild goddess. That means finding your genuine fire, activating your inner passion for life and for yourself, and developing a fearlessness for truth-telling with men – which will up your attractiveness many, many levels, and get you the quality man you want.

I know any coach who’s been trained by me in RRRCT can give you faster results than any other coach out there…so if you’d like to become a coach yourself and join this elite, very special group of powerful coaches, go here to check RRRCT out (it’s now available as a “Homestudy” version, where you work personally, one-to-one with me and Master Coach Teachers and Editors, get the exact structured 22 weeks of class work RRRCT is known for – AND – you get to do it at your own pace!):

If you feel the instinct to coach women around the world, just hit “reply” to this message and we’ll get on Skype together!

Try these coaches out for free – ALL of them if you like! – and be helped and inspired…

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1mary on August 20, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Hello Coaches!

    Mind if I take your numbers and postpone this amazing opportunity for when I’m dating again? I’ve taken myself out of the fire until a gentler time in my life, when dating won’t have so many ups and downs. I believe that will happen in direct proportion to how well I do with my current challenges… right now I have places to go and things to do… and I need a little more momentum of my own happening before I’m steady enough to manage a relationship.

    Although I just cannot wait for that day…

    Please stay tuned and I’ll be in touch! Thank you for such a brilliant opportunity.

    Thank you, too… Rori!