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Here’s a question from Pam that opens up a whole new area for us:

“Hi Rori,  Thank you so much for the valuable tools and information. You have no idea how much hope you give me. I have a quick one line question and I will be very grateful if you will have time to answer this.

All the tools you teach (in Commitment Blueprint program and Modern Siren program) are they applicable in other areas of life?  For example: Interviews, Job search, finding a solution in friendships, or for (especially) anything that requires patience and waiting? Thanks, Pam”

***Here’s some quick ways you can use my Rori Raye Mantra and Tools in ALL areas of your life:

First – use them with every single man, all the time, even on (especially on) a job interview where you are in masculine, thinking mode a lot of the time.  A work situation requires that you develop the ability to “switch hats” from “girl” to “boy” on a dime – that’s why wearing a bracelet (like I do), and switching it from left wrist to right wrist comes in so handy to remind you if you’re in girl energy or boy energy – wherever you are.

The KEY Tools to use in an interview or work situation – pretty much ANY situation –  is the Listening at Level 2 Tool, and all the Being Present Tools – where you touch objects, focus on the face of the person you’re talking to – ground yourself, breathe, notice sensations and feelings in your body – everything you can do to stay connected with the other person.  If it’s an interview, you DO NOT want to get into your head figuring out your answers for the next questions – instead, prepare in advance (with my “Writing Speeches” Tool) what you would say to any question, and BE THERE while it’s happening.

When you write the speeches, work in your Feelings about things (The interviewer wants to know how personally committed you are to the job you’re there for – he or she wants to FEEL GOOD about hiring you – she needs to know that you are in emotional possession of yourself – and in order to create that sense of safety and trust around you – which you want to create for ANYONE who comes near you – you have to be as totally AUTHENTIC as possible. 

We can see how important this is in politics. A candidate who we perceive as “fake” doesn’t get anywhere with us.  “Openness” is a BIG thing – and we even talk about it in newspaper articles and blogs.  Openness is a hallmark of confidence, and what we want most of all in our leaders is confidence.  That’s what anyone in our family wants to see in us, what every man everywhere wants to feel from us, and what anyone who wants to hire you or use your services or products wants to feel from you.

If you’d like me to talk more about how this works with parents, brothers and sisters, and in work situations, let me know – I have many clients who started out practicing the Tools with their fathers, brothers, and co-workers, and have incredible success in those relationships – and an amazing reduction in their stress, too.

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1la la land on September 3, 2009 at 4:01 am

    this is very interesting – in the working place – what about working with woman that are in their muscular energy and working with gay man? any tips there?