Get Unstuck Fast

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Last post I had you “drop into” your body and your heart when you were getting emotionally “Triggered.” This is a great first step to getting unstuck – fast.

So, to start – what does being “stuck” LOOK like?

Being stuck ALWAYS looks like you’re in your head. You’re thinking. You might even be “spinning” your thoughts – bouncing from one extreme idea to another, stopping only long enough to beat yourself up about what you’re thinking about.

Perhaps you’re thinking and feeling that you will never have the life you want, never have the LOVE you want, it’s just not in the cards, not in the stars, not possible in the world as it is right now and as men are right now. So – now that we know what it LOOKs like, what does being stuck FEEL like?

Perhaps you feel: “ I want to stay exactly where I am. I do NOT wish to move forward. I only want to stay in my thoughts, keep doing what I’m doing, go somewhere where I’m safe, where I’m comfortable, where I’ve laid it out so nothing triggers me and everything stays the same. But – at the same time – I wish for MORE! I wish for even more love, more passion, more dreams coming true, more excitement and happiness and fun and even money.”

Perhaps it feels like: “It’s as though I want more – but I don’t want to move from my spot.”

So here we are – stuck between what we really want and where we feel comfortable. Next, let’s lay out some Tools to shake that loose.


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  1.  #1sandra on January 11, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Great! A site that could help me out at last perhaps. Wow!

    Well, i do need help..marriage problems….aagh…forever.
    Divorce advise please, the procedures etc.