Getting On the Love Train No Matter How Angry You Feel!

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We’re all so different.

Your history is so different from others.

Anger is a big deal. I know I’ve “exploded” like anybody else.

I’ve also stuffed it down like so many of us.

I’ve fallen prey to my anger and rage – not as a useful thing – but as an “enemy”, destructive kind of thing.

I want to stop that for you, before you start.

So, I’ve really put this together from a lot of different places that I believe you can actually use right now to make a big difference in your energy level, into what you see out there, into how you relate to men and to everybody else, even bosses.

It doesn’t matter who.

The anger you’re experiencing is in direct proportion to the energy and the effort that you are putting out.

Think of this in a romantic way:

You’re feeling crunchy.

You’re feeling angry.

You’re feeling untouched.

You’re feeling unloved.

And yet, your instinct, because of your unique background and the way you do things, is to be nice to him.

To reach out even more.

To cook dinners for him, to drive to him, to demonstrate you’re this wonderful woman that you already are.

So, your anger is increased by the effort you’ve put out when he doesn’t return it.

Which is why Leaning Back is so crucial.

And Circular Dating – which is turning away from a man and towards other men – is so important.

It’s so important because you’re doing less effort!

So, you’re instinctively less angry.

I talk to women all over the world all the time, and what I know from every single situation, from every woman, is that no woman wants to leave a man she loves.

No matter how awful he is, no matter how painful the situation is, we don’t want to leave.

So there’s no point in me being one of those coaches who says, “Oh, you should just move on.”

That’s why we’re different here.

The whole Rori Raye Method, and the Modern Siren Method are all about working with what you got.

Working with the man in front of you.

And, all the while, developing your own self-feelings enough that you’ll start to be less interested in a man who isn’t giving you what you need.

The truth is: Angry feels way better than sad.

Angry feels better in the sense that: If I wake up in the morning and I’m feeling really really sad and in the doldrums – I’m not going to want to get out of bed.

I’m just going to feel sad.

I’m going to want to curl up in a ball…and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, it doesn’t feel as good as going, “Why did he do that?!”

And then jumping out of bed and stomping around the house feeling angry!

It feels better. It gives you energy, it wakes you up.

But, guess what:

The feelings of anger and rage, they go on all the time in us.

They’re collected.

They build at certain moments – and so much of how it goes, what it looks like, how long it lasts, and all the thoughts and feelings that come up for you really depends so much on your old patterns.

The repetitive aspect of your Feeling States.

What we’re talking about here is getting on the Love Train, from wherever you are in your Anger and Rage pattern, and the Love Train feels WAY better than the anger.

Also, I want to clear this up: You can be enraged, and still on the Love Train.

What we don’t want to do is stay on the Anger Train.

The Anger Train just takes you down a road of resentment and bitterness, and keeps you complaining.

It keeps you stuck thinking about, and developing Feelings about, the NOT what you Want.

Instead, you want to feel the anger, and yet get ON the Love Train so you stay pointed to and headed for what you WANT: Love!

The Love Train is simple.

It’s pointed toward what you Love, and what you Want, and all the Feelings you’ll feel when you have what you Love and what you Want.

The Anger Train is pointed toward disappointment.

Just let this sit with you, and write in the comments to let me know how this kind of repetitive pattern shows up in you.

How you choose the Anger Train over the Love Train, and how it might feel to choose Love first!

To get real, fast help with all of this, you can get in and out of The Feminine Want Course in only 6 weeks if you like (longer if you’d like to stretch it out…) where all of this will suddenly become automatic for you.

The Love Train will feel like the place to be, and once you learn to get on it faster, it’ll take you to the Love, Romance and Real Relationship you Want.

Love, Rori

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