Glossary Of Rori Raye Terms

rori hands upMasculine Energy:
Doing, Thinking, Action-Oriented, Decision-Making, Logistics-Handling, Nurturing, Giving

Feminine Energy:

Being, Feeling, Expressing, Experiencing, Sensual, Fun, Receiving

Being in Masculine Energy (You OR your man)

Being in Feminine Energy (You OR your man)

The Energy Exchange:
How the Masculine and Feminine Energy moves between you and a man – who gives, who receives, who initiates, who follows, who talks, who listens, who calls, who picks up, who leans forward, who leans back

The Relationship Bubble:
You and a man (even if you’ve just met) are in an Energy “bubble” that has only so much energy. (The bigger the bubble, the better – but still an enclosed space.) How you are in that bubble – what you think, how you feel, how you move, what you say and do, affects the Energy Exchange, and affects your man in predictable ways.

Leanback (Leaning Back):
A way of shifting the Energy Exchange by physically leaning your body backwards (sometimes even to the point of laying down or Moving Back).

Move Back (Moving Back):
Physically stepping backwards to adjust the Energy Exchange

Leaning Forward (Forward Leaning):
Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually leaning Toward a man inside the Relationship Bubble

Move Forward (Moving Forward):
Physically taking a step toward a man

Doing too much. That could look like taking care of too many things, initiating, giving, Leaning Forward as your primary way of being with a man

Circular Dating – referred to in comments as “CD” or “CDing”:
Dating several men (at least 3) all at the same time. You accept the date with the man who calls first, and do not shuffle times or even think about manipulating the schedule in order to get dates with the man you like best, or dates to the most fun places. Circular dating is about Free Therapy and practicing Rori Raye Tools. It is not about finding Mr. Right.

Free Therapy:
Looking at every man who shows up in your life as a Messenger, with something to teach you and help you with. For the moment you are with him, he is your “Therapist.”
Circular Dating with no goals except to practice the Tools.
Practicing Boundaries and Moving Away from a man who feels “unsafe.”
Practicing Openness, Vulnerability and Authenticity, regardless of how you feel about a man, as long as he feels “safe.”

Men (and women, too) who show up to tell you something or teach you something. Men who are around you to facilitate you. Instead of judging a man, look for the Message.

If your man demonstrates primarily Feminine energy in his life and your relationship, it will automatically compel you to step up into your Masculine Energy – in order to balance the Energy Exchange and to get things done. Outgirling is reversing that. It’s going “full-out Girl” inside the relationship. This can look like doing nothing, and may result in nothing happening at all in your relationship except sitting around like two girls. It’s the only way to right a seriously unbalanced Energy Exchange.

Back To The Wall:
Moving and Leaning Back as far as you can. Outgirling to the max. Whatever happens, you Leanback, Move Back, and stay in Girl energy
Literally, in a room at a party, for instance, you would end up standing with your back to the wall and men around you, leaning toward you.

The Rori Raye Mantra:
Trust Your Boundaries
Follow Your Feelings
Choose Your Words
Be Surprised

Rori Raye Dance Position:
A collection of Tools to do at all times with a man, especially before you say or do anything, to help you allow yourself to feel both strong and Vulnerable and speak from your heart. The entire Dance Position is in Commitment Blueprint

Rori Raye Third Way:
The alternative to either tolerating your relationship as it is now, or leaving him.
A new way to repair the relationship and bring your man close again

The Stance:
Defensive way of being with a man.
Protecting yourself instead of opening to him.
A specific, most common way of speaking to and behaving with a man from your Masculine Energy that’s considered “normal” in the world.

Strong Surrender:
Dropping the Stance.
Being Strong on the Inside, Soft on the Outside.

Feeling Messages:
My essential Tool for speaking with a man so he can really hear you – in the format “I feel…” or “I’m feeling…” or “It felt…” or “It feels…” or “It would feel…” Feeling Messages automatically, in baby-steps, help you be more authenic, vulnerable, open, and in touch with and more comfortable with yourself. (Beginning exercises and explanation are in my Have The Relationship You Want ebook.)

High Degree Of Difficulty:
How hard you are to get – without playing games, doing strategy, or pretending.  You simply feel strong inside, have a wonderful happy life even without him, have many options open with other men because you KNOW you’re so attractive, and instead of Giving to him all the time because you’re afraid you’ll lose him if you don’t, you Receive from him everything he offers, and Give Back.



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