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What Can It Mean For YOU To Have It All?

Here’s how the powerful new Business Siren Tool for Having It All – “Walking The Feminine Trail” – can work for you…

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Walking The Feminine Trail is inspired by Cheryl Strayed, who, as she shares in her book “Wild” (Reese Witherspoon plays her in the film “Wild”), walked, alone, over 1100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail – from the Mojave Desert to the state of Washington.

She did this without any experience or training, in an impulsive desire to clear her personal pain and heal herself. And she did transform her entire life – inside and out.

The book and film are so inspirational to me, on such an emotional level, that I somehow wanted to take that image of “Walking The Trail” to help us all not just shift our lives and heal our pain and unhelpful thoughts – but to actually make it possible for us to “Have It All.”

…Because Walking The Feminine Trail feels like standing tall and moving along the most powerful place in the worldwhere you inhabit everything around you. As you “walk,” you can see, hear, smell, taste, intuit and experience everything you want.

Nothing is off limits.

Here – on the “Trail” – you feel the entire cosmos of possibilities inside you.

You feel “big” enough to take it all in. Spacious enough to have and hold space for it all.

Tool: Imagine Yourself On The Feminine Trail. Stand there for a moment in a place where everything drops away from you, where the air around you and heavens above you open themselves up to you.

* Imagine this as if you’re high on a mountain.

* Imagine an incredibly detailed vista of water, earth, sky, stars and beyond the stars all around you.

* Imagine that you’re at the CENTER of all this.

* Now, imagine yourself “standing” this way: As though you’re taking it all in, and radiating it all out

* Everything you want comes to you.

* Everything brilliant inside you that wants to be expressed radiates out of your skin your heart, your breath.

* You become a conduit for everything there is.

This is what it means to be a Modern Siren – not just in love, but in work, too.

We all spend many hours of our lives working.

When you Walk The Feminine Trail, you know Why you’re working, What your work is about, What your work means to you and for you, Why you get up in the morning, What’s important to you, and the many “How’s” of making work – well, work…

Let’s Translate This To My Model Of Masculine And Feminine Energy.

Instead of thinking about “balancing” these parts of you (and please, completely do away with any thoughts that you must “diminish” one kind of energy in order to build another – you do NOT have to diminish your girl-ness to be successful in business, and you do NOT have to diminish your “boyness” to be successful in romance) – Imagine what it would feel like to expand BOTH energies: Feminine AND Masculine.

We’re going BIGGER, not smaller.

***This is where you can build and use your masculine energy without overpowering your feminine energy.

***Where you can “switch hats” from masculine to feminine without a hitch – and without turning into a “doormat.”

***Where you can soar as a PERSON, and a Businesswoman – without sacrificing love, romance – and “girlness.”

***This is what it means to be a “Modern Siren” – To Have It All: “boy energy” and “girl energy” working together.

Working together to get you going as BIG as you can dream.

And…at the same time…Becoming more of who you already are inside.

This is the place where going “big” actually gets you even deeper into yourself – and the process expands you in a whole, total way.

How Does It Feel?

It feels…fluid.

It feels like an openness inside your heart and body, a relaxation of your mind, a sense of receiving.

A feeling of “rightness” with yourself – without that feeling of “doing nothing” that feels terrible to all of us who actually have some dreams and desires.

It’s being more of a “girl” – with more support from your inner “boy.”

It’s a combination of business systems and brain know-how (boy energy) – and an organic sense that you’re moving through the world ecstatically, not from ideas and thoughts in your head – but led by something continually emerging from within (girl energy).


It’s the difference between engaging with the world from the solid, instinctive “knowing” powerhouse of your girl energy, instead of “trying” to figure things out from your tired, overworked and over-conditioned brain.

It’s a feeling of expansion with instantaneous results that you can experience in a moment.

It’s what shows up when you drop the old stuff.

Let me show you how…

As I’ve been training and developing new Rori Raye Relationship Coaches, I’ve also discovered the joys of helping each new coach create a booming business – even in the tough and “over-represented” niche of relationship advice.

The results have been astounding, and, also because I get such a huge kick out of completely turning around the entire business and marketing strategy of people I like, I’ve been doing that more and more.

And every single woman I work with faces the same obstacle – over and over: It feels somehow “wrong” in our heads (even if we’re not aware of the inner “fight”) to have huge success in business AND success in love at the same time.

If this is you – It’s “either career or a man…” – I’m here to fix that thought.

That thought isn’t just in our heads – it’s everywhere.

The concept of “where women belong” hasn’t changed enough – yet! – for us to fully believe that we CAN have both.

And we can – it just has to look differently.

I’m a living example, and so are my Certified Coaches.

The trick is to let go of everything anyone’s ever said to you about your “limitations.”

Let go of every lecture you’ve ever heard about “How the world works.”

Let your Siren-ness define your possibilities – not what anyone has ever said, or even how things may look.

“Walking The Feminine Trail” is the best way I can describe how being a Siren In Business works.

By envisioning yourself as “big” out in the world as you can imagine, putting systems in place to get you there, and learning to express yourself to potential clients and customers all over the world through writing, speaking and videos in a way that REACHES them emotionally – you can leap ahead of 99.99% of everyone else out there. Even in a so-called “crowded “niche.”

And – While you’re working so hard, and focusing your brainpower on business, money, and offering your gifts to the world – learning the ropes of The Feminine Trail makes it so you’re actually “intensifying” your romantic life.

It’s no longer one or the other: “The Career or The Man”…you can have BOTH!

Walking The Feminine Trail Means You Have Expanded Access To BOTH Your Feminine AND Masculine Energies – And Only We Women Can Do This!

PART ONE: Siren of Business Success Systems And Structure:

You have to know what you’re doing.

You have to know what you want, what you think, why you want it to work, and how it will look once it’s working. This is Masculine.

You have to know who you’re talking to out there in the world, why you’re talking to them, what exactly it is you have to say, and how to reach them.This is Masculine.

And once you reach the people you want to talk to – you need to know exactly how to express yourself so they know it’s YOU talking to them! This is Feminine…

They need to feel, down to their toes, that what they’re reading and listening to and watching isn’t just someone “saying” things – but YOU saying things.

In YOUR way.

With YOUR intent. With YOUR special gifts and intuition.

With YOUR personality and personal story and background and collection of information.

With YOUR experience.

With YOUR way of expressing what you know – and who you are.

All feminine.

It’s the YOU in this that makes a person who’s never even heard of you want to know you. Want to listen to you. Want to buy your time or your products.

It’s the YOU in this that makes a person who’s never even heard of you almost instantly become your advocate, your devoted follower, and your customer for life.

Haven’t we all experienced this with a celebrity?

I know I’ve instantly fallen for an actor (or actress) from one performance. I’ve felt myself become their secret champion forever…(if we get to know each other – I’ll tell you who those people are in my life…and you can tell me who YOURS are!)

Once you’ve become enamored of someone you don’t even know: They can do no wrong.

And that can be YOU – where you literally can do no wrong.

And here’s part TWO of “Have It All!”:

PART TWO: The Siren Of Love And Soul

You can do this all (work hard, think hard, implement fast, make more money, get known, get read and seen – and not only “get” your man – but get him faster, easier, and with less “thinking about it” than you can even imagine right now.

Most of us think that if we “Lean In” to our work – we’ll push a man out of our lives.

And that’s because no one’s ever taught us otherwise.

But look around you – does Angelina Jolie seem to be less attractive to Brad Pitt the more she pushes the envelope of her gifts and accomplishments?

And yet – how are your girlfriends doing at combining work and love successfully?

If you and your friends have been “trained” throughout life like most of us women have – not so easy.

It’s because we’ve been “sold” the opposite meaning of the words of my core concept: “Strong Surrender.”

We habitually assume that “Surrender” must mean being a throwback kind of old-fashioned girl who gives herself up for a man…and that’s not the way it works.

My concept of Strong Surrender is about being so strong on the inside that you can be soft and “surrendered” to yourself, to the taking in of life and experience and feeling – on the outside.

What this feels like and looks like is what my book “Surrender To Love” is all about.

How the feeling of letting down our guard solves and simplifies so much that we believe to be hopeless and complex.

**And – we hardly ever hear the word “surrender” together with the words used to talk about great business success.

Out in the world – the word “surrender” seems to be a “bad” word. A word that connotes weakness and all kinds of old-fashioned associations.

The truth is – that’s all BS.

Men LOVE successful, high-earning women.

What they DON’T love is the feelings of resentment we women have about being the dynamo in a relationship.

It’s us, believing and constantly telling ourselves that lie WE’VE been told and “sold.”

It’s our own judgments of ourselves, of life, of our men that cause us to believe we can’t Have It All.

Those feelings then “leak” out all over our men and create the tensions and stress we take for granted. As though those “problems” are “built in” to any situation where a woman is successful and brilliant.

We have ideas about how men are supposed to be – and we don’t have a clue how to assist in the creation of great feminine energy and great masculine energy in a partnership.

We assume that if we’re a powerhouse – a man would have to be feminine and weak and mild and “flowery” to want to be with us.

It absolutely does not work that way.

Women actually have an advantage in business. It’s just an advantage we don’t know how to USE – yet!

“The Good Wife” TV show isn’t just fantasy. There are hugely successful women all over the world now who are producing incredible things – and whose husbands are right beside them in ways most of us have never even thought of.

The reason it’s taken so long is that we don’t understand it ourselves. I truly believe that, even in a very male-dominated world – a world of fear and hatred and constraints against women – women who can revel in their power AND surrender can effect change.

You can do this. You can start by changing your own life.

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