He Says He Doesn’t Want A Relationship – But He’s Always Around Seems To Want Me!


The Question:

I have been dealing with a man off and on for 2 years now. With his actions it is very clear he cares about me and wants more than to be friends.

However once things start to go great he pulls away and has stated he doesn’t want a relationship. He will not however leave me alone even after me completely removing him from my life twice now.

It is very clear we both care about each other. He is very reserved and doesn’t know how to express his feelings and his family is very judgmental not helping the fact.

I signed up for your collection and while I have been listening I still feel I need advice.

We have history, we lost a baby together and we have been trying to feel our way through this but never seem to be on the same page at the same time.

What is it I am doing wrong and is there anything here that I can do to turn this situation around?

I want to give it one last effort before I decide to completely move on but I am just not sure where to start. Broken-hearted”

The Answer:

This is Natalina Love, Hi… I’m a Rori Raye Coach, and SO feel what you are talking about.

HE says he’s not ready for a relationship, yet doesn’t leave enough space between you to really believe him…

Especially with all that you have been through together, losing a baby…. I can only imagine how that makes you want to fight harder for what you’ve shared.

I’m so glad you found Rori and have access to the Rori Raye complete collection of programs, you’ve got a wealth of tools to work with… and I have a couple suggestions to help you stay motivated.

Consider this: What if you didn’t have to leave him?

What if you could have this man’s attention, and then more attention from other men?

How does it feel to consider that?

How does it feel considering getting attention from anyone else who might also want to be with you as more than a friend?

This man telling you and reminding you that he ‘isn’t ready’ for anything serious, leaves you options to shine out love fearlessly for the man who wants to be with you forever….. to find you. (and perhaps HE is that man after all!)

From what you’ve mentioned, I don’t think he’s going to go anywhere…the tricky part here, is that it’s like watching him gambling on you being around indefinitely…sans commitment… ouch.

As you shift your vibe … Practice is the key here.

Practicing all your tools, you’ll start pulling in more and more of the dynamic you want to experience in your relationships.

No matter what, you win.

You don’t have to choose to stay and endure confusing mixed messages, and you also don’t have to leave him either…no ultimatums… Just good old fashioned feminine energy.

There’s something about you that he doesn’t want to shake, and I’ll trust him to figure it out before you’ve got a better offer… (“better” as in it feels good for you, not just logically on paper, but that too.)

I may also suggest private coaching as a compliment to the tools you already know and love…. The Siren Circle Private coaching program would give you access to your own personal Siren Love Coach Team… I’ll make sure to leave a link for you to check that out. If it feels good for you, we’d love to have you with us.

As you say, I don’t think He wants to leave you…

Like all of us, he doesn’t want to lose any freedom…. This can work in your favor.

Here’s the link and all the details for Siren Circle:

This live Siren School program includes:

– 4 weeks of coaching support, VIa Voxer app or Whatsapp and email
– 3 full hour coaching sessions via zoom
– Worksheets for each session
– and program manual.



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