Healing and Grief Powerful Strategies for Emotional Recovery Part 1

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Grief is a big emotional territory that doesn’t often get the space that it needs.

People find themselves needing to take time off from work – but beating themselves up for needing the space.

How do we give ourselves that space?.

Maybe it’s from a breakup, and having some internal space for yourself to compassionately hold this part of you because all change, any change in your life, whether that’s going into a new relationship, coming out of a relationship, moving from one, moving from different stages of your own life – you’re going to touch the grief.

Grief of who you used to be, of who you think you should be, of who you’ve been told you should be, and who you want to be.

Even though this may not be a big element of what we think of when we think of grief and healing and breakups,  all of this, I believe, is still very relevant no matter where you are in life…

…where maybe the sad hits you, and you don’t even know why….

…or maybe there are good changes, like a promotion at work, or you’ve just gotten married, or…there’s so much here.

The “anxious attachment” concept of relationship attachment – if you’ve labeled yourself that way, if you’re feeling achy physically, if you’re just feeling emotionally up and down, if you find yourself thinking a lot about something – all of those are signs of deeply embedded grief.

In other words, it may not be what you think it is.

You may not be needing this guy to call you.

It could be something much deeper, deeper that’s completely colored by Deep, unresolved grief, because grief is this gorgeous, amazing emotion.

…And I call it emotion because it’s actually a combination, a deep collection, of every emotion imaginable.

So how about this for a concept: That the things you may be feeling that are discomforting – they may not be about, at all, what you think they’re about.

They could be about grief.

And since grief encapsulates so many emotions, just looking at the 9 stages of grief, the 7 stages of grief, Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s original 5 stages of grief – we get shock, denial, disorder.

We all know what that feels like, right?

You feel like you’re coming apart, you’re not functional.

You’re scattered.

Everything feels kind of off.


That one: anger, is the one we tend to hide.

And when we hide our anger and stuff it down, other emotions take over on top of it.

That’s where anxiety comes from.

You’re angry and you’re not letting yourself feel it.


How many of us feel guilt, regret, physical and emotional pain and discomfort, depression?

Okay, so what is depression, anyway?

It’s not sadness. Or – not JUST sadness.

Depression encapsulates sadness because it’s squelching down of all of these feelings.

Sadness. Disorder, anger, that’s what depression is.

It’s the lid on “The Soup”.

If you have my Targeting Mr. Right or want to know anything else about my Tool “the Soup” – just ask!

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