Healing Emotional Trauma Starts With Awareness And Healing Helplessness

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…for me, the whole of healing starts with awareness.

The moment you are able to “see” what’s going on…

…the patterns…

…the way your body feels…

…and you become aware of how YOU are operating in all this…

You begin to see everything starting within you, instead of coming from “out there”.

When you start to think of it all being within you instead of a reaction from what’s going on out there, and begin to feel that somehow YOU have more responsibility and power to make changes than you may have thought – then you can turn your life around.

Once you have a glimmer of the power you DO have (decisions every moment about what you want, what you deserve, power in the thoughts and feelings you choose to “entertain” rather than just “let be”, influence and intuition and attention and love…), and begin to entertain that sense of power, no matter how small, rather than the control you do NOT have (power over time, other people, a man’s feelings and desires…so much, yes…) – Then you begin to find things that can help you heal…

Many things and people can help us heal: doctors, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, exercise, thought “choosing,” forgiveness, compassion – so much you can do for yourself.

But until we “get” that it’s all in “here” – until we find that “observer” (or whatever you want to call that part of us that has awareness) – we feel helpless and awash in input from everywhere.

Trauma is so deep inside, it often can’t be reached by “thought” and “talk” – and trying that just drives it deeper…but once you “get” that you’re having a trauma reaction, and see the pattern…that’s when you can start the work to heal it.

Trauma is all about feeling “helpless.”

Once you get a glimmer that the helplessness you felt when the trauma happened is NOT the same as who you are and what’s going on NOW – that starts the ball rolling.

Then it’s a process you can step-by-step, moment-by-moment float through.

I’ve been a lucky, lucky woman my whole life, and my mother taught me not to trust that.

In fact, to not even enjoy it, because paying any attention at all to the wonderful things in my life would “jinx” it all.

I can tell you that overcoming that “jinxy” worry, and allowing myself to enjoy and revel in all the good stuff does not come naturally to me.

I’ve also had my share of trauma and terror.

I believe we ALL have passed through serious, painful, mind-blowingly terrifying traumas, and none of us are unscratched and unscathed.

The key for me is moving slowly.

I want to notice what’s around me. Be where it’s all happening.

I don’t want to miss my life by being in my head. My thoughts.

I’d rather feel the pain, and move around slowly enough to see, feel and appreciate every single thing and every single moment.

See if this can be helpful for you.

Love, Rori