Holiday Man-Catching Secrets

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My friend Keri Newell (you may have heard the interview she did with me in my Interview Series, and she’ll be appearing and doing live demonstrations on my new program about Circular Dating) is doing a one-time free teleclass tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at 5pm Pacific Time, 8pm Eastern (and wherever you may be in-between), called “Holiday Man-Catching Secrets Revealed!”

Keri’s very direct, down-to-earth and practical, and she’s going to tell you how the Holiday Season is one of the BEST times of year to connect with your soul mate – and I know you can use her Tools to bring the man you may already be in a relationship with closer to you for the Holidays.

Keri is all about the Masculine/Feminine energies we talk about here, and she’s a Flirting Expert for real, so she’s going to teach you her secret weapon…”The Magnetic Flirting Technique”.

It’s free, just go here to sign up (you’ll get her free newsletter, too, and let me know if it’s helpful to you) –  I really like Keri and will be posting some of her ideas here as we go along. (If you can’t make the call, sign up anyway, she’ll tape it and make it available to you.)

Here’s the link:

Let me know how Keri helps you, and what you’d like her to cover and demonstrate “live” with real women in the audience on my new Circular Dating program.

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1Caj13 on November 19, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    This is really about your new anchoring tool in the latest Eletter. That really hit home, and I know it works. In fact I’d had a similar idea myself, with helpful results, when I obsess over someone from an imaginary relationship that’s been over for years. Because even though it was imaginary, the wonderful feelings I had were very real. It’s so frustrating to have the thoughts come up again and again every time I see certain types of cars (cheez, he didn’t even care about his cars himself, and I can barely recognize my own car! but I always have a reaction when I see those makes). The message is clearly not that he’s coming back around. So I said to myself “let’s try to get something out of this”. But the thoughts are painful and intrusive, so I reminded myself of the good feelings and how it was me who was feeling them just within myself even then. And I feel them again, they comfort and encourage me, reassure me that all that was and still is real, attainable again. The thoughts about this blurrier and blurrier character, who was not giving me the feelings, but with whom I was trying to share them, get crowded out.