How A Man Goes From Having Feelings For You To Commitment – Video!

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How does a man “work” when it comes to loving you?

It’s so much simpler than the way we women operate, and, still, it’s totally frustrating!

Though some men know what they want – and they know that what they want is YOU – most men take their time.

They may “rubberband” back and forth, because, for men, just having feelings at all is confusing.

Most men don’t have any sense of what their feelings are, what they mean, where they came from – but they DO know, in any given moment, what they WANT!

He may want to walk over to you and hug you and kiss you and even tell you how much he loves you, but a long-term commitment concept may leave him completely clueless.

This video explains part of a man’s “process” – and gives you Tools to deal with his fluctuations, and create the awesome sense of attraction that overshadows any doubts he may have in his head.

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Love, Rori

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