How DeAnna Changed Her Life & Rocked The Bachelorette – Part 2

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What would you do if you were in an artificial situation like The Bachelorette, where you had to make decisions about a man FAST, and if you made the wrong one you could lose Mr. Right forever?

And what if, like this season’s Bachelorette DeAnna, you were falling for the one man who seemed to be the worst bet for a husband?

I mean, how do you go against your gut?  Go against “Chemistry”?

How do you keep from second-guessing yourself and trying to analyze things and figure out what’s going on with a man when it’s just too soon to really know him, and you’ve always made such bad choices in men before?

Watching DeAnna agonize over her situation was totally amazing.  You felt sure she was going to go down the road of following her “attraction” and “infatuation” and stick with Graham – the emotionally underdeveloped and unavailable man who she nevertheless felt the strongest “connection” with and the strongest attraction to.

And then – she changed her life.

In one moment, she made a decision that UNDID all her years of getting “led on” by men who were charming and attractive but couldn’t commit to her with their whole hearts.

What did she do?

She dumped Graham.

And during that minute when they required her to sit down and talk with him in front of the cameras, she was SO ANGRY!

She tried to tell him what had happened, that she was eliminating him NOT because SHE didn’t have feelings for him, but because she was getting that HE didn’t have the same feelings for HER!

It took her three tries to get that across, each time getting more and more frustrated trying to explain that she was falling in love with him and how hard this was for her, but that she simply did not want to take the chance of being humiliated again, and yet Graham still didn’t seem to understand.

He left a note for her – and hopefully we’ll find out what it said, that made DeAnna question her decision – but she stuck with it.

So – why was this so important, and what can we ALL learn from DeAnna? In the next posts, I’ll be talking about how what DeAnna did can work for YOU.

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