How I Used Tarot Cards To Get Myself Out Of The Pits

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There are so many ways, and Tools to help ourselves in The Modern Siren toolbox, and visual imagery can, like anything else, feel great or feel awful.

Seeing photos of happy couples did NOT make me feel good when I was miserable over a break up and feeling desolate.

Vision Boards can be fun and motivating – or they can be frustrating, bring up everything you “don’t have”, and make you feel sad and almost lost.

I’ve felt all of that, and over my life tried every psychological “technique” I saw (the list is huge) – and when I first wrote my foundational book “Have The Relationship You Want”, I discovered that I had a gift for pulling all of these different ideas, concepts and techniques together, into something that worked for me.

And then, over so many years developing Tools and working with women all over the world, the joy of discovering that the way I’d “pulled things together” that worked for me also worked for almost every women I talked to became a daily experience.

When I was in one of the deepest pits I’d ever experienced, many, many years ago, way before I met my husband Jeffrey Mark Levine (the author of “How To Talk to a Man”) – I’d, among so many other things, purchased Tarot decks – just because I was fascinated by the different images.

And, as I discover with most things – I wasn’t interested in working with the Tarot deck the way “I was supposed to” – the way the “Instructions” told me to.

I was not at all interested in “the future”. Or in foretelling anything. In fact, that put me off tremendously, and made me not even want to open the deck I’d bought.

Instead, I opened it up and just started looking at the pictures.

I put them out on a table in different ways, at different times, in different groups, sometimes only one.

And I simply “felt into” the pictures.

I experienced how quickly I stopped feeling anything when a grotesque, painful image came up – and how I seemed to “relax’ when a pretty or hopeful picture came up.

So – I started working with the painful ones.

Pretty soon, I was able to have different experiences with different cards than I’d originally felt triggered to feel!

Yes I still felt that immediate jolt, but then, I accepted that feeling.

The rest is more complex, and worth going into – yet it taught me that everything is “below the surface”.

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Our immediate reactions may ALWAYS be our immediate reactions, but that’s not the “end” of the moment.

Love, Rori

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