Jane loved a man named Jim, who was really happy with the way things were.

"Leave things the way they are..." was his message...only things were going nowhere for Jane.

They had separate houses for over three years, he didn’t seem interested in marriage, he was loosey-goosey with their dating and how often they saw each other...

Nearly everyone she'd talked to before she found Rori Raye's "Third Way" steps told her she should leave Jim. (And some told her to "be super nice and just go along with him until he makes up his mind...").

The options seemed to make sense.  Just "go." Or stay and try extra hard to keep things the way they are.

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Even if "Commitment" isn't what's concerning you right now - if it's anger and frustration at a lack of attention, consistency, good feelings of being loved, and so much more you have a right to feel when you're with a man - these Siren Tools will help you.

Love, Rori