How Love Coach Natalina Followed Her Heart – And You Can, Too…

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Natalina-for-fbNatalina Love – at – is a special person, and an amazing coach.

Her personal love story starts as everyone’s nightmare – where following your dream of love or career is so upsetting to your family, it threatens to cut you off from everything you know.

In Natalina’s case, her close-knit community raised the stakes astronomically – to where she actually had to choose between her family and the man she loved.

Find out how Natalina found the strength to make her decision, how brilliantly happy she was and is…and how you can find the strength you already have to follow your own dream – whatever it is – and be happy.

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rori greenNatalina is a Certified Rori Raye Coach, and if being a coach trained and mentored by me is something that would feed your dreams – let me know!

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  1.  #1Nilli on February 13, 2016 at 1:55 am

    I feel funny today…
    I met this guy online…he lives a 2 hour drive away. we met yesterday for the second time and our “kissing” went too far and I don’t like it. We didn’t sleep together but it was still too much. He didn’t want to leave so I opened the door for him.
    He’s young and horny, he’s a mixture of intelligence and immaturity, his profession is exiting, he knows everything about female bodies, he’s too good at what he’s doing and it makes me wonder. He took me out yesterday after work when he could have done it today when he has a full day off, so clearly he isn’t eager about spending more time with me. We have been out twice within a period of 1 month, he tried other 2 times with 24 hour notice which I refused. He works long hours and it’s plausible but I know when a man is very interested neither work or distance is hindrance. Not to this point anyway… but these are not the biggest red flags. The biggest red flag is that right after our both two dates I felt my heart shrink. I felt it being gripped by fear, not because of something he did or say… I just don’t know what it is. Is it my intuition or is it my nasty voice?? I can’t distinguish.
    I can’t make him less busy and I can’t make him fall in love and I can’t be bothered about that. I just don’t want to get into something messy, I want to stop thinking about him, I want to take care of myself and my life, I want a man that makes me feel cherished and adored who takes me out often and who REALLY cares, and I want to feel the sparks flowing in my body. I want it all,,,

  2.  #2Femininewoman on February 14, 2016 at 5:21 am

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

  3.  #3Tee on February 14, 2016 at 6:20 am

    I didn’t get anything (so far) from E for Valentine’s Day. I’m a little bummed. I at least got him a card which he didn’t even seem to care about. I know that it’s only one day & he has done other nice things for me.

    I’m just venting. Besides, E is unpredictable so who knows what this day will bring. We’re also sick.
    Coughing, chills, body aches, headaches, etc. Ugh!

  4.  #4Tee on February 14, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    I think I spoke too soon

  5.  #5Femininewoman on February 15, 2016 at 6:18 am

    Be surprised

  6.  #6Tee on February 15, 2016 at 7:05 am

    I suck at being surprised FW. My sense of self worth is still very shaky. I feel bad for the thoughts that I had but I’m glad that they were just thoughts.

    I had to talk myself out of a frenzy yesterday when it seemed like nothing was going to happen. And that’s another area where I feel guilty. Why can’t I just give for the sake of giving?

    I can, usually but I inadvertently got caught up in the Valentine’s Day hype which I try to avoid like the plague.
    I just felt, not triggered, but like the girl at the office watching everyone else get flowers and it’s already 2pm and you feel neglected.

    E took us out shopping and we ate as well. As per the card, I think he didn’t initially open it because it wasn’t officially Valentine’s Day yet when I gave it to him. He thanked me for it.

    We had a nice time although it was FREEZING out. It wasn’t anything major but it was a cool feeling going out as a family.

  7.  #7Femininewoman on February 15, 2016 at 9:07 am

    Tee maybe find a way to let him know that Valentine’s is a big deal to you or whatever you love language is find a way to share it. If it is receiving gifts unless you let him know that receiving gifts make you feel loved he might not take it for granted and give you one.

  8.  #8Tee on February 15, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    I need to find out where my middle ground is. It’s like if I’m too celebrated (and it feels dumb even putting it out there lol) then I start feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

    If I’m not celebrated, I feel neglected, resentful and pissed.

    Then I realize that I really don’t allow him too many opportunities to celebrate me

    Most times, it’s No because my hair is a mess, I don’t have clothes, I don’t like pictures, I weigh too much yada yada yada

  9.  #9Gazelle on March 17, 2016 at 3:47 am

    Dear Rori and Sirens,

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog posts. They give me many important, frequent reminders how how to relax, get into myself, focus on loving and healing me, etc.

    I’ve been struggling with a common situation recently: my husband’s infidelity. We have been together 7 years, married for 3. We have been living apart because of work for the last four years (we had a plan to reunite this year actually). The relationship was difficult with all sorts of insecurities of mine seeping in and making things worse. However, late last year, I discovered he was having an affair with a colleague of his. He confessed it, and says he loves her and wants to be with her. Says she is his soulmate and he is intensely in love with her.

    However, he has broken off the relationship (because I said he couldn’t even talk with me if he was in touch with her). To what end… I don’t know. So far, he has not said he wants to reconcile and has not made any attempt to do so. She lives in yet another country so I am sure they are seeing each other.

    I am in a lot of pain but I am taking active steps to focus on myself, heal myself (I lost myself in the hecticness of what was a transcontinental relationship and a fairly high profile job) and discover what I also want. I don’t feel I am addicted to him or clinging to him, but I also feel an obligation to work things out since we are married and have built a life together. He has a long history of cheating. He even cheated on me at the beginning of our relationship but said that he was totally committed to me and would never do it again. But he did.

    I know the failure of the marriage was partially my fault and I am prepared to work on that, but the cheating is completely his deal. I know that.

    So Rori, friends: Any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated. Thank you for all your love and care, in advance.