How To Activate Your Magnetic Pull For Love And…Everything! Video

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We women who want to make a difference in the world, be powerful, be active, make lots of money, be heard… the only vision we have of this looks like us in a pantsuit, following the “masculine energy playbook.”

Only, this doesn’t work.

When we go out there and “push” from our masculine, “get it done” energy – essentially our “success training persona” – it’s like we “disrupt” ourselves.

Even trying to “do things” from our masculine energy when we’re alone – with no one else around – feels icky.

And – most important – it completely skews any romantic relationship.

We are, essentially – not being our true selves…

To learn about how to use your feminine energy every single moment – from the depths of your innate Desire – as it flows into action and success – take a look at and download your free “3 Desires That Will Get You Everything…”

You are the Original Siren…!

Love, Rori

OH! And here’s a most beautiful note from a most beautiful viewer: Stephanie Cleveland

“I was thinking of how you say, the way you keep a man forever is he just feels at home in your body and just tends to keep coming back because he feels there.

You as a woman can create a feeling of safety for the man, partly by feeling safe with yourself.

Men are the most fun things because to attract better ones all you have to do is improve yourself inside.

What is inside me?

What am I like as a soul?

Am I a comfortable place someone would want to return to when the world is mean and hard?

Am I a shelter of tenderness for both him and myself?

Also: So you only get to express yourself to him (or her) if he came up to you, approached you, said yes to a relationship with you.

If he (or she) says no, go away.

Don’t try to force yourself on him.

You would think it goes without saying not to resort to stalking him (or her) because you don’t want to give up contact with him, but some women refuse to take NO.

Being cool starts with not assuming you are entitled to express yourself to someone who never consented to a relationship with you.



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