How To Attract A Man Who Believes This: Happy Wife, Happy Life – Video!

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So many of us have been convinced by motivational speakers that we have to “love ourselves” and “be confident” in order to attract, forever, a great man.

This is just poppycock.

No one is confident all the time.

No one loves themselves all the time.

And – everytime we hear something like this method or that method of self-love, or that old standby: “ have to love yourself before anyone else will love you…” – we just feel worse, and less loveable.

So – how is that helpful?! It’s not.

What IS helpful is so much more fun and subtler than “trying” to do anything – and that’s just “noticing” and “falling.”

Just noticing something inside us is easy, it doesn’t make our insides get defensive, it doesn’t upset the apple cart of our lifetime patterns.

And yet – it’s so powerful, you can shift your “vibe” so quickly just by “noticing” something!

The thing that most often happens to us when we ‘notice” something about ourselves is to quickly “judge” that thing we’ve noticed.

And then we begin the pattern of judgment and anger and all of that, like a predictable cycle.

So – the next step would be to notice the judgement part – yes! and then “Fall In Love With It!”

This video will start you on this process, and you can get private help working with all your ups and downs, and Falling In Love with everything so you can shift the direction of the kind of man YOU’RE attracted to, as well as attracting the man you truly DO want! – here in Siren Circle Private Coaching: 

Love, Rori


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