How To Be Irresistible to Men, by Taking Exquisite Care of Yourself

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love110If you get my CD Interview Series – you heard the wonderful Rose Cole talking with me about how to pretty much change your life – especially your love life – by balancing the hormones in your body (and she told us exactly how to do that in a mesmerizing way) and I got more response from that interview than any other this year – so I wanted to let you know about her upcoming event in Los Angeles.rose-cole

Basically, It’s a really cool live women’s event next Thursday, June 4th in Westwood (Westside of Los Angeles) at the beautiful Wheel of Wellbeing center.

Not only is Rose going to be fabulous and give great stuff away  (the program is about being irresistible to a man by amping up your feminine energy – what happens when you take exquisite care of YOURSELF) – but 100% of the proceeds from the event are going to benefit the woman’s organization

It’s not only for single woman, it’s for any woman who wants to learn how to rejuvenate her body and de-stress, and have better relationships will ALL the men in her life.

Here are all the details:

(There’s also another, discounted way to get a ticket – by purchasing her book – Audacious Aging – right there on the site page.)

I love Rose and every single woman who’s met her has been blown away by here, so if you live in Los Angeles, check this event out…

Love, Rori

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  1.  #1Daria on May 30, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    Rori it would feel great to be able to purchase past interviews. I am really interested in Rose’s way to balance our hormones and I missed that one. I am on and off on the interview series.

  2.  #2Ann on May 30, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    With hubby being on medical leave with no income coming in I can’t afford anything at the moment.

    Rori is there anyway you would share “tidbits” you learn from others who inspire you(like Rose)? What I mean is a post about how you incorperate one thing they may suggest into your life. Please

  3.  #3Daria on May 30, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    I want to write that:

    I have this trauma that causes me to experience the grief of loss anytime I try to imagine true joy in my life.

    I feel scared. I feel afraid it will go away and breakmy heart, for example imagining a man that I feel in love with, or imagining living a life that feels real and good and joyful. I can’t even say this without feeling squeezes in the sides of my body. It’s like I feel that flash of grief and I shut down.

    Like I was imagining going salsa dancing and making it real romantic and then feeling good and trusting a man and in love and then… he disappears/leaves/dies and I’m left hearbroken and “only with memories” to turn bitter and colorless and faded and I guess depressed.

    I have this issue too with love songs talking about love in the past I start howling tears thinking of the hearbreak of having “loved and lost.”

    Help here. I think this is deep. Not even sure what this trauma is about. Could be that I feel I LOST my happy life when I moved from Romania. But who knows might be more than that.

    Help help.

    This feels scary but good to start noticing. I believe I will find help in healing this trauma/fear.

    I wanted to mention the book The Bridges of Madison County which gives me the heeby jeebies because of this topic.

    AAAGH. I DO NOT WANT THIS. I Guess my resistance is probably making it worse. I feel pinched hard in my shoulder and It HURTS, not to mention my lower back is tightening on the right and my side of my face on the left is and now my right hand. I love all those places although I feel sobbing coming on and a lot of anger and I feel scared to cry cuz of so many people in the house right now but I am sobbing without tears. bOOO HOOOO> booo hoooo boooo hooo… I love my sobbing…

    I feel a little sigh of relief and maybe resignation. ICKHY!!!! I don’t want resignation. I LOVE MY FEELING OF RESIGNATION… I FEEL DESPERATE>>> I FEEL FURIOPUS>>>> I Like the word FURIOPUS…

    I’ma furiopus. Like a furry octopus… or like Mr. …..’s Opus. I’m having a grandiose furiopus… ok… it’s easy for me to amuse myself isn’t it.

    I feel kinda pinched on the right side of me and I love my pinching feeling. That feels like a weight on my chest when I take a breath and I love the weight feeling on my chest when I breathe

    I love the continued pinching on my right back side… And that feels like breathing up all the way to my neck… and I love that i am breathing all the way to my neck… and that feels like…


    And I love my Chillin feeling and that feels like… sigh … and I love my sigh… and that feels like lots of pressure in my tummy like I was pregnant which I’m not… and I love the pressure in my tummy and the squeezing on my nose bridge and the pinpricks on my left hand and the pressure on my right hand… I LOVE all these sensations and that feels like… laying my head to the left and I love my lay my head sensation and the pressure in my abdomen to the top of it and my pressure on my breath and the tingling on my top lip and the squeeze on my right thigh… I LOVE all of these… and that feels like FRUSTRATION at finding it difficult to breathe (because I ate too much) and I WANT TO FORGIVE MYSELF And allow myself to eat a lot if i FUCKIN WANT TO DAMMIT…

    I love my cussing and my eating and my pressure… Yeah… that kinda feels empowering… and now Im guffawing in my energy release way which I love even tho I feel embarassed some of the poeple working on my house will hear/see me… and I FEEL tightness on my neck… pinching on my side… I Love my sensations and my burping now which is vastly reducing my pressure yay… thanks burping I love burping and pinching on my butt and calf… I love my pinching on my butt and calf… and now I am laughing and I still feel kinda pressure breathing and I love my pressure breathing and my laugh… and that feels like yawning lightly and I love my yawn… and now I’m laughing a little bit and I love my laugh… and that feels like smiling like ahhh it feels good kinda like kicking your legs up and laying out in the sun with a full tummy like garfield the cat… and that feels like more laughing and like scratching the side of my nose and i love my laughing, my scratching and my smile right now and my feeling of feeling ridiculous and the funny sounds i am making hahaaaa… and my sigh… I love all this stuff… yay sigh/yawn i love this sigh/yawn… I love this smile stuff… I love this feeling of relaxing and laughing…

    Kinda feels like going thru a dangerous situation and then it’s over and then you laugh… like a car accident. Yeah i know doesn’t sound like what everyone would do but one time I spun out on the freeway and when no one hit me i pulled over and laughed 15 minutes straight… I feel pressed on my neck and vulnerable saying that story… I love my vulnerability… I love my fury at being called a dork in 5th grade… I love MEEEEEE weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… even tho a part of me thinks vulnerability did not work in teh 4th grade I love me… I love that part of me too and I’m in charge… and I embrace it… and I am going to go on feeling better now,,, and doing what makes me feel good even tho I feel like a Rori copycat I embrace that too…. I embrace my weird laughter that just came out and now my cute laughter and all these voices… and I’m going to get bigger and happier so I Can have more compassion to share with myself and with my voices and with the world. And I wont’ abandon you voices… I love you and embrace you.. And yes I burped again and I feel ashamed/embarased and I love my shame and embarassment and frustration at freakin feeling annoyed… I love my annoyance and frustration… I FEel triggered by my one voice that tells me its stupid to use Rori’s words word for word… or to take advice on faith from relationship coach… I feel triggered by someones words from a post on here a few posts back… I Feel angry… I FEel tired… I Feel frustrated… dammit will it ever end dammit… I’m ready to feel all healed already lol… I feel amused at my feeling of impatience and I love my amusement and my feelig of impatience it is actually really cute how I’m impatient I can definitely see how someone can love me… and I am laughing again and feeling weird cuz these laughs sound like my mom and not me weeee i feel weird… I love my weirdness and my mom like laughs… I love the pressure on my neck… I love my tenseness right now… I love the tightness on my jaw… I love the feeling like I should wipe my nose… iick i feel triggered now… heeh… sigh I love my sigh… I feel distracted cuz my mom is leaving for the airport I feel pulled away from the computer… I Feel stuck like I’m typing with my hands while my body is floating away downstairs which is a pretty good image and I love it. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I just felt like writing that. I dint’ really say hee.. I feel tight in my tongue i guess… i love my tongue… I love my hip… I love my cheeks… I love all of me … I love the pressure at the base of my neck… I love my puffy feeling in my cheeks and it feels good… I love feeling like smiling and the squeezes in my thigs… I love my huhhh sigh… I love my sly smile… I love me sticking my tongue out when I smile… I love the interesting squezes around my face… I love the rushed feeling im feeling and the cool tensions like I’m tryan squeeze myself into a smile… weeeeee this feeels super interesting…

  4.  #4Ann on May 30, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    We need a applause smiley on here. Daria I applaud you for being able to feel your feelings so fully you’re inspiring.

  5.  #5Winks on May 31, 2009 at 8:37 am

    Haha! I agree! I feel that fear of loss if I am really happy in love too…but haven’t felt it that completely.
    Thank you Daria!

  6.  #6c on May 31, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    Hi ladies

    Daria I feel so impressed with how you follow through with your feelings, I’m still at the stage where I feel myself wander off and sometimes block up when trying to trigger myself or just feeling triggered on my own.

    I feel safe exploring different ways of teaching by different coaches, and time and again I use Rori’s tools as a baseline… almost feels as crucial as air to me.

    Rori, I need to thank you….it is solely because of your work that I have, in about 13 months, gone from being with Mr Toxic to Mr Difficult to Mr Good Man….and they are the same person!

    I still feel insecure and triggered at times, and my baby steps feel pretty minute….and yet when I sit back and compare where I’ve come from, I can;t help but feel proud of myself.

    I am still learning. and I have found this lady who is also excellent at being in the moment, she is Marie Forleo.
    Check her out in case anyone is interested.

    With respect to Rose Cole’s interview, I received it and it helped me so much it was about nutrition and how that can directly affect our moods, so it helped me not feel too attached to whatever I was feeling and thinking (pretty grumpy thoughts about my man!!!!) at that point in time.

    I felt safe and welcomed when I checked out her website, and felt blown away by listening to how foods can so simply and profoundly and directly affect how we feel.

    Even though I love my junk food, I feel pretty inclined to remember to keep my blood sugar levels steady!!!

    And ladies, Self magazine is my favourite magazine, for its great articles on good nutrition and i feel-good just going through it. Sometimes I feel lazy to try out the stuff, and sometimes I feel inspired by the articles, and sometimes I just feel like I ‘m surrounded by beauty looking at their colourful pages!! And of course sometimes I feel wistful like I feel like I’m lacking what the model looks like she has….and then back to Rori’s tools!! “I am a gift…I am a git…I am a gift….”



  7.  #7DocK on June 1, 2009 at 5:59 am

    Daria – I’m with Ann – that was amazing!

    Also, just wanted to say that when you said you “moved from Romania” I got very excited. My maternal grandparents were from Romania but I don’t know much about it. My mother still understands a bit of the language.