How To Believe You Can Have What You Want In Love – Podcast!

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It’s hard to imagine your life the way you want to imagine it, when the nagging thought that “you don’t deserve it” keeps getting in the way…

The truth is, most of us don’t believe we deserve what we want.

Most of us have “nasty voices” running rampant through our heads, and, for most of us, these “dream killers” take up more bandwidth than our dreams do.

The trick is to do the opposite of everything you hear.

Instead of trying to get RID of those voices that keep telling you you don’t deserve your dreams – or can’t have them come true for a million other “sensible” reasons – try LOVING those malcontent, difficult, obstructive nasty voices.

The truth is, those voices are madly in love with you.

Your survival is so important to those parts of you – they don’t really care if you’re HAPPY, they just want you to be SAFE!

And, much of the time, happiness and safety seem to be at odds with each other in our brains.

In this discussion, Natalina Love and I delve into how to completely shift the entire inner dialogue you have going about ALL of your life – and especially about love and romance.

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Love, Rori

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