How To Choose – Will It Be Yes…Or Will It Be…?

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How To Say Yes and No…

What’s the difference between yes and not yes.?

What’s the difference between yes and maybe? Between yes and no?

This just may seem like the most basic an obvious questions ever and you may be rolling your eyes at me.

But still, I think that most of us say yes and no without even discovering what it is we’re saying yes and no to, and if we really want to say yes or really want to say no or if it’s just some kind of automatic reaction. A habit.

Yes and no are sometimes major, heavy life decisions.

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Sometimes they make the difference between the life and death of a project, an idea, a beginning love affair, a plan, a recovery, a partnership, a business deal, the answer on a test. The beginning or the end of anything.

What makes me say yes to one thing and no to another?

What makes me “think” yes or no to any one thing?

If I look at my life over the next month or two and I see a kind of bulletin board of a bunch of yeses and no’s. I will be here. I will be there.

What makes YOU say yes? What makes you say no?

I know this for sure – I was trained my whole life to say yes or no based on logic. Based on “shoulds,” based on reasonableness.

I was trying to look for the answers inside my head. I was trying to look for the logic inside my head. No one ever told me to look inside my intuition. No one ever explained what intuition was, though I know I’ve heard that word for most of my life.

Intuition. Gut response.

And yet, what exactly is that?

Even more important, how do I know when a yes or no is coming from my gut, my intuition, or my head and logic? And what’s wrong with coming for my head and logic anyway?

Things move in trends. They move in fashion. It’s very fashionable now to talk about our “inner life.”

And yet, for me they’re just words, unless I understand how they work for me, and unless I’m able to communicate to you – in a way that means something to you – how those words work for you.

There’s science behind all of this, too. There’s science behind everything you think, every thought pattern that keeps running through your system, and how all the habits of our lives enhance or do damage to the cells of our bodies. The cells of our minds.

So, let’s start with this: yes means: this feels good inside when I consider doing this or saying this.

It doesn’t matter if you “think” this “good feeling” has to be different from a feeling of relief from your fear of saying “no.”

Because – as you’ll begin to discover – saying yes out of “fear,” or no out of “fear” will have it’s own set of feelings.

If you focus on what you feel – you’ll begin to tell the difference between “relief” and the “peaceful” feeling that comes over you when you make a decision that “agrees” with your feeling state.

Fear is just another feeling!

And you don’t need to “go against” ANY of your feelings.

Once you become familiar with your own unique “melodies” of feelings, and how they feel in your body – Yes and No will become so much simpler, easier, and happier for you!

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