How To Connect With Your Inner Boy

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From Coach Katja Majer – Exploring more connection with the inner boy….

I want you to sit down and write all that:

You do in your life
All that you have achieved
All the help you have given
All the gifts you have given
All the abilities and skills you have
All the problems you have solved
All that you are proud of about yourself
All the good things you identify yourself with…

Now… this is who your inner boy is.

Your inner girl is your sensitivity, emotions, feeling, your receiving.

Can you see how awesome your inner boy is?

Can you imagine you are in front of a mirror and try to imagine you see a male version of yourself in that mirror, and that man is awesome since he has all those qualities?

Can thank this man for being there for you?

Can you ask him to support you even more?

Can you ask him to stand behind your back and hug you from behind and keep you safe ALWAYS?

How does that feel?

Love, Katja

From Rori: To read more about Katja (she’s an utterly amazing woman, a globally well-known sculptor, so serene and lovely, creative and brilliant) and her experience in Rori Raye Coach Training, click here:

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