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By Rylea Rose

We’ve been watching the world shut down for a very long time now. With mandatory quarantine and social isolation, many women have been left wondering, how are we supposed to date anyone when all the bars and restaurants are closed and you can’t even meet them in person?

How do you continue to build a relationship and connection with someone you can’t see in person?

We are surrounded by so much fear and are being bombarded with news about the Coronavirus everywhere we look! But we aren’t really offered any solutions to really deal with it all.

We feel like we don’t have any other options than to just stay away from everyone and completely isolate ourselves.

We are left feeling like there isn’t anything we can do, like we are stuck with no way out… It’s a terrifying feeling.

Yes, this is a very difficult and unusual time for everyone. It’s scary! Social isolation can quickly take its toll. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stop dating all together!

So, what are some ways you can still “date” a man while this Coronavirus pandemic goes on?

Well, you can still use your dating apps on your phone/computer! Whether it be Bumble (my favorite),, Tinder, etc. You can use these apps to meet men online and to continue talking to them over text or phone calls.

You can still Circular Date here and talk to many men at once!

This is where you can continue to practice using your tools and being in your feminine energy. You don’t have to stop any of that just because it’s over a message or phone call.

What do you do when you want to meet someone you’ve met on a dating app or see the man you’re talking to?

Facetime Dates! Facetime/video calls are a wonderful way for you to communicate with someone electronically. Not only are you able to talk to them and hear their voice, but you can also SEE them! You can see their face! You can see their body language. You can see how they react when you say something.

You can play games like “Heads Up!” over a video call to have a little bit of fun or play 20 questions where you come up with 20 meaningful or silly questions for you to ask your date to get to know them better. is a great place to go for some good questions.

If you feel inclined, you can even have dinner with each other! You two each set a time to Video Call, and you each make your own separate meal to dine on. Then you “eat” together while on the video call! You can treat it as if you two were out at a restaurant together.

During these Facetime/video calls you get a chance to slowly create chemistry, interest, sexual tension, romance and a deep emotional connection in an old-fashioned way! You get to allow the man to court you in a way, without having to worry about when you will have sex with him, at least not any time soon. The weight of that pressure is temporarily lifted!

While you are talking to all of these men, or your man over Skype/Facetime/video call or over text messages remember that you want to stay in your Feminine energy the entire time!

Think of this like a type of practice!

While you’re on a video call with a man, you stay leaning back, with your heart unzipped and in your juicy, mysterious, feminine energy, going soft and warm, and just BE there, in your body and in your feelings. Allow him to see you vulnerable and communicate your true self in every moment through words with Feeling Messages!

This is a great time to practice using Feeling Messageswhether it be over text or Video Call.

You can foster a deep emotional attraction for you in a man over a video call, and just compel him to want to get to know you more so that he feels absolutely magnetized to meet you in person. You’re focusing on building deeper, emotional relationships, and then you can see what happens after this virus has passed.

Your dating life doesn’t have to become non-existential during this pandemic. You can still meet other men, talk to your man in a fulfilling, creative way.

Think of this as an opportunity to express all of your feelings and fears, be completely open emotionally, and able to receive love in these confusing, stressful times!

Ideas of how to date!
Facetime/Video Chat/Marco Polo
Phone calls! (SO much more personal than a text).
Meet outside. (You are safer outside, in the sun than you are indoors).
Go for a walk through the park with your dogs.
Go for a walk through nature if you can. If not, through somewhere that makes you feel happy.
Go hiking.
Ride your bikes together.
Watch the sunset somewhere.
Sit on his tailgate out somewhere in nature and bring a speaker for you two to sing/dance to music (without touching).
Gather around a fire.
Ride horses together. (If that’s an option).
Play a sport together: Tennis, baseball, soccer, etc. (avoid physical contact).
Do yoga together.

You can meet him in person if you feel comfortable enough to do so and you’re not under mandatory quarantine. Just be mindful about your distance and avoid physical contact.

“Social distance on a date means far enough away to be safe and comfortable, but close enough to hear them when they speak.” – Rori Raye

I understand how you must be feeling right now. It’s scary, stressful, and you feel like you’re stuck at home, and you don’t know what to do.

Whatever you may be feeling, I invited you to sink into these feelings and really experience them. Your feelings cannot hurt you. And the only way out of a feeling is to go through it. I promise, it’s going to be okay!

If you’re feeling lost and confused right now, just write to Rori here on the blog, and she’ll forward your letter to me. I’ll be able to help you come up with ways to continue to meet men and date during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Even though the world may feel like it has stopped… your journey to love doesn’t have to take a hiatus!

Love always,
Rylea Rose <3

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Love, Rori

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