How To Do Online Dating From Coach Natalina Love

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From Love Coach Natalina:

Here’s a quick note about being triggered in dating sites….

…what you believe about men is important, and does have impact. I really believe this.

…when you catch yourself saying “men online are just _________” (fill in blank with something that doesn’t feel good….and you would never be able to consider for a great partner)

Catch THESE thoughts – and know it’s not the whole picture. please! it really is that important.

Please track how these dating sites and apps trigger what you believe about men….and the whole experience all together.

Getting a few….. frustrating “bites” from more less disinterested men can flavor our whole experience of what we think…feel….and believe we can get….. with men – in relationships – from love….

…and that has a lot of power behind it.

It might sounds kind of woo-woo…..and yet, there is so much in it – and so many women getting sucked into frustration of “all men are lazy…..” or something similarly disheartening about finding an ideal partner….

…when in reality …. there are TONS of amazing men.

Try saying this to yourself:

“As I learn to “do up” my own profiles….as I start experiencing the fun of putting together my own profiles, gathering my own pictures, writing my ‘bit’ about me…. looking at profiles…. and start getting jazzed about the connections with other very real and lively people….. those profiles – of ‘better’ standards… start standing out….. maybe it’s algorithms….maybe it’s God….maybe its fate or luck or….. ALL of this…..

…and our confidence goes up with every step of these discoveries as well.

Love, Natalina

From Rori:

Natalina is lead coach on Siren Island, and her wisdom, help and attention to you personally are astounding.  Try out Natalina on Siren Island here->

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