How To Do Successful Dating Right NOW – On, Yes! TINDER!

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Online Dating was NEVER “easy.”

Constantly meeting new men online meant constantly dealing with the emotions we LEAST want to experience.

And now, with COVID coloring everything we do, there are new ways to do things, new things to consider….

And, yet, online is still the very BEST way to do ANY kind of “dating” – especially my “Circular Dating” – and the absolute BEST way to find the great man for you, while helping your Modern Siren skills grow quickly, creating incredible confidence and real happiness!

I want you to take a look at coach Jeanie Wilder’s terrific and affordable program “Tear It Up On Tinder” – YES, TINDER!!! (Jeanie is a brilliant Siren School coach, and fast becoming a superstar coach in her own right – the internet is lighting up with her program, while SO many women’s thoughts about Tinder are doing a 180 after working with Jeanie.)

Jeanie’s created her own new life using this method, and now she’s sharing it with the rest of us. Here’s Jeanie’s story, in her own words:

“When I was a desperate divorced single woman last year and quickly discovered how treacherous online dating was with all the players, time-wasters and endless dead ends– I felt like shutting it all down from frustration.

But instead of giving up I got a Love Coach and began to experiment on every date to see if I could improve my odds of finding lasting love and feel better in the process.

Quickly I began improving, side-stepping the nonsense left and right and saving myself oodles of time and frustration in the process.

And I created a totally NEW way to do online dating, one where I would pull in only good men quickly who wanted what I wanted and could actually take me to my happily-ever-after. Plus I learned how to feel amazing in the process.

For example, all women online know about the myriad of men who want to constantly message back-and-forth without an actual in-person date.

What’s the point?

What I want is a real man in my actual life, so I decided that only embodied persons were qualified for any of my time…!

So, I quickly decided to make a mere 3 or 4 messages across the Tinder app lead to an in-person real date without any wasted time in time-suck-land.

And my profile– I honed it to ward off the time-wasters and unavailable while showing my warm, feminine and fun truth in just a few sentences.

Then there was the very real issue of lack of openings in my calendar for actual dates– I had a job, a kiddo and was in school so I found an easy way to quickly pack in the available men for high quality dates in record time.

These little changes, plus having a love coach of my own to guide me and keep me moving forward– changed everything and suddenly there were only good guys coming into my rotation, all eligible and leaning in to a future with me and everything became easy and fun.

All along I charted my dating process with my own dating tracker I created, and this one little tool made it feel much more like therapy, self discovery made me feel good after every date no matter how it went.

Seeing my patterns– how men triggered me or made me swoon–the kinds of guys that stuck around or faded– felt so enlightening.

And something surprising happened through all of this: I grew immensely as a person, as a communicator, and yes, I even attracted my Mr. Right.

Six months of the swipe-o-sphere of Tinder and I was shutting down the app… NOT because I was fed up with the nonsense, but because I had mastered and won at the game of online dating and came out with a man who is dancing me into the sunset of our lives together.

He makes me feel so adored, cherished, deeply held, so loved-up on all levels that I’m overflowing with love… and deep ease.

I’ve learned that love gets to be easy and love gets to be yours when you make yourself the love of your life first. And only through this process of online dating and having a love coach could I have attracted this man and all this personal growth that feels amazing to me now.

Even if Covid Distancing has you staying behind screens and devices to connect with men, you can still grow and hone your communication skill-set by practicing on-screen dates with the gents.

Now I teach my winning, time-saving, success-making dating secrets to women everywhere in my Tear It Up On Tinder Masterclass where you’ll learn exactly how to:

  • Show up on dates like an alluring goddess, oozing confidence and ease.
  • Book a whole week of dates in 20 mins flat.
  • Sculpt your Profile to highlight your feminine soul while attracting men who want what you want and warding-off the ones who don’t.
  • Engage with men in text and dates to show you’re a high-quality woman.
  • Have a new winning mindset that works to up-level you in the eyes of men forever!
  • Decide YOUR level of Covid-19 comfort/risk in meeting certain men for in-person or screen dates.

And of course, I always want you to know that every day is your adventure and you always have the choice to up-level how you’re showing up on dates– as the Queen of your Life, that’s how!

If you’re DONE with the old ways, I’d love to show you how to win at the game of online dating and pull in YOUR Mr. Right, too.

You deserve to have all the love you dream, my dear.

Love, Jeanie”

From Rori: This program is one of the great, straighforward, directional, full-of-info, totally targeted ones, and Jeanie is now flooded with clients wanting her exact, specific steps, her how-to, and her lovely, kind way of explaining it all and holding your hand though it… I send my clients to her to learn how to do this, and even some coaches, and this program will get you more than started – it might get you what you want.

If what you want is love, romance and relationship, right now in CoronaTimes, if you’re feeling a bit tired of the old way of doing things and are willing to consider something you might never have considered before – Tear It Up On Tinder is the shake-it-up, completely not-what-you-expected-would-help-but-my-gosh-it-did program that might actually work for you.

Here’s the link, and please let me know your experience of trying Jeanie’s method!:

Love, Rori


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