How To Fall In Love With Fear

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I’ve been thinking so much about what it takes to handle all of the elements of business when you’re an artistic soul, when you’re in your feminine energy, when you really don’t want to do all the little pieces of everything and keep them straight, but you just want to create and be happy and work with people and serve…

…You just want to do whatever it is that you love to do about your business.

So this is a Boss Babe concept, and the Boss Babe Masterclass in the link at the end is all about doing what you love, and how that turns into success (the details are surprising…).

There’s one part of being a Boss Babe that just came up for me today. And that’s fear.

I’ve just really been recognizing and talking to myself about – not fear of this, that, or failure, or happy, or magnificence, or anything – Just fear of life itself.

If you identify with that, let me know.

I realized how easy it is to close up.

How easy it is to… make your world small. How easy it is to make things small. Desires small.

So that’s something I am going to be pondering and percolating on and writing a lot about and doing more videos on.

Please let me know what that does for you in your head and in your heart when you say “I am afraid of life. I’m just afraid of living. I’m afraid of everything having to do with taking everything in fully. And so I close things down to half or three quarters or all the way.”

Love, Rori

Oh – The Boss Babe Masterclass is here:  – it’s awesome for you no matter where you work (and we all work!) – and there’s private coaching and all sorts of new programs around How To Be A Boss Babe coming up….

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