How To Feel Authentically You – Video!

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Authenticity is a moment-by-moment thing, and it doesn’t have rules!

Once you can accept and “pour love on” all the parts and voices of yourself that seem so numerous and terribly “off” – you’ll start to realize that there’s no way to “label” anything you do or say as “inauthentic”!

Everything IS you – it just may not be coming from the “deepest” you, or the most pleasant you, and it may be coming from the most reactive and “superficial” you – but it’s still YOU!

That gives you a chance to practice going deeper, and more transparent with your reactions and responses, and see how those feel!

The moments where we feel “inauthentic” usually have to do with stress, and us choosing one of our many superficial feelings to focus on with a reaction or response (and by superficial, I just mean the feelings are near the surface of your consciousness, they feel like they’re “hanging” above your neck, into your head – and they feel very “masculine” to you…).

So much to talk about!

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Love, Rori

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