How To Feel The Power Of Your Feminine Energy – Rori Raye Feminine Energy History

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He’s a truly great comment to the video on youtube, and my answer:

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Comment: “Rori, I get it. Thank you. All this time I felt bad when I feel hurt. I thought something was wrong with me because I always thought I had to be strong…”

My Answer: – OMGosh! What an amazing thing to share!

For me, I now believe I had (still have, but so much more awareness makes a huge difference in so many ways, tho it does NOT change the sensitivity and feelings…) such an overload combination of fear that I would not survive if people found out how “not nice” I truly was, actual embarrassment about it (like I was somehow showing my “dirty”, “unnatural”, self), and then anger about having all those feelings!…

…that my go-to is just a reaction of shut-down.

It’s taken me daily “noticing” to shift all of that….

Love to you, Rori

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