How To Feel The Power Of Your Feminine Energy – Video

Feminine Energy History 1

Feminine Energy is everywhere now – in talk.

It’s an easy group of words to use, to say – and …

What does it even mean?

And, more important – what does “Feminine Energy” mean for YOU?

For instance – if you think “nurturing” your man, asking him how he’s feeling, bringing him food – and yourself – when he’s “working too hard”, making errand runs and “being understanding” when he’s not making you happy is “feminine” – you may be accidentally damaging the bond you already have with a man, and dimming his attraction to you.

Feminine Energy, for me, began with the “birthing” of all of existence, all Universes, everything…

Yet, it began being talked about in books, and now, everywhere on the internet.

In this series, I’ll explore how the words “Feminine Energy” first surfaced, and – most important – how you can easily begin to glide into your own Feminine Energy, all the time!

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Love, Rori

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