How To Feminifest What You Want – Instead Of Falling Into Your Masculine And Pushing Everything Away – Podcast!

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Power in the world has always been claimed by masculine energy.

The Feminine, however, is so clearly and obviously more powerful – with our ability to create human life, and our primary satisfactions of connection, love and compassion.

So, it stands to reason that the Feminine would be feared.

Going as far back as we know, women have been both revered and rendered powerless – and this is still true all over the world.

The names for things are almost all derived from the masculine – “male” turns to “female”. “Man” turns to “woman”.

That’s why “girl” is my most favorite way to be described pesonally, and I shiver with sadness that modern feminism deems the word “girl” to be beneath us, and prefers “woman”.

For me, the rise of “girl” is important, and the word Feminine is a power conductor.

So – let’s Feminifest!

To learn how you can actually unearth your incredible power in the world by diving into and living in your Feminine Energy, come join us at the Feminine Energy Workshop the last Sunday of the month!

And if you ever need a question about your personal situation answered – just write me at, and you’ll get a real answer quickly!

Love, Rori

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