How To Get Going When You Don’t Feel Like It

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The Question:

“Rori, I’m not sure how to move forward. I feel stuck. Like, emotionally or mentally stuck. I know what I need to be doing. I’m just not doing it.

I feel like I’m moving along, but just very very slowly.

I think this Quarantine thing has got me in a funk. I’m not sure. Help! Tessa”

My Answer:

Tessa – Thank you for writing! I totally, totally understand!

We’re ALL in the “doldrums” and all feeling “stuck” – the trick is to get past that by doing things that inspire you.

So, we’ll try to get those things woken up!

To give you a tiny idea from my own life – I now don’t much feel like doing anything UNTIL I BEGIN doing it!

Don’t even feel like painting – until I step up to the easel, pick up a brush…and then, if I’m still feeling uninvolved, I can sense it’s often the painting itself that doesn’t feel inspiring to me.

So – I start something a new painting from scratch!

And if I start with a completely new approach (like throwing my watercolor paint at the paper instead of “drawing” as a beginning), I feel enlivened even more.

And, if I’m starting from scratch: going through photos on my phone (photos of many different things!), until I come upon one that activates a strong feeling in me – totally changes my mood!

We just need to make that adjustment for you.

Here’s another idea: I’ve discovered that if I start each morning (literally, right after I let my dog into the backyard) by taking pictures of myself with my phone – I wake up emotionally and get interested!

Go figure!

I instinctively shake out my hair, put on lipstick – and then I’m off and running. It’s like my inner fires have been stoked!

Love, Rori