How To Get Out Of Masculine Energy Survival Mode – Video Series!

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No matter how hard, tough and challenging your life has been from the beginning – or how soft and sweet and good-feeling – we women still all have been taught, encouraged, incited and even forced to be in our “masculine energy” when all else seems lost.

When there is no stabile, kind, even tempered and loving masculine energy around us – we feel the need to step into that void.

And even with a lovely upbringing, if you’re like I was, you’ve been REWARDED for being in your masculine energy!

You’ve been rewarded for not being emotional, for not being competitive (at least not with men, though being competitive with other women on all levels has always been a “theme” of life-as-we-know-it, right alongside the “sisterhood” theme).

As if Feminine Energy could ever be about “competition” for resources – when that has always been the world of the masculine “hunter/pursuer”.

The Feminine believes in the power of the “Pull” – and also in the plentifulness of resources – and men! – because, to believe otherwise is to feel entrapped.

In this 3-video series, learn how to navigate from your masculine to your Feminine Energy, and to STAY in your Feminine, even when you feel “pushed” to fall into your masculine.

To help you with this way of staying in your Feminine – even (and especially!) at “work”, regardless of the nature of the work you do! – Read my “The Business Siren’s Handbook” here: 

Love, Rori

I’ll have transcripts for you of all 3 videos in the Siren Library soon! – Here’s how to get to your free Library Pass for the Guides that are already in The Siren Resource Center right now->

Love, Rori

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