How To Go From “Working Hard” In Your Relationship To Soft


I’d LOVE to have you shift your perspective from the “working hard” concept to the “ease and grace” concept.

You’ve had so much pressure to succeed (and likely HAVE succeeded!) with the “work ethic…” and now I’d love for you to try something else.

I’d like you to try out the “be” concept – where you “catch” yourself wherever you are, feel whatever you’re feeling, bless and fall in love with it – and then look at everyone and everything in front of you with love and appreciation.

We all have that for everything – we’re just burying it to stay superficial when we’re stressed.

When we sink into love for ourselves in that moment, we feel love for “the other” – and that’s when everything shifts.

Because when we are looked at with love – a giant kind of “‘life loves me and I love life’ love” – we sort of immediately, instantly soften.

That’s how the hard bounds of intimacy get softened..Love, R

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