How To Have The Softest Holiday Ever, From Your Most Feminine Self


Here’s a note from brilliant Master Coach Naomie Thompson who’ll be helping you 1-2-1 at the Rori Raye Feminine Energy Workshop this coming Sunday, December 19th!

These holidays, can we reframe what it is to be an amazing woman?

The old model we’ve been living by…The woman who can do everything, single mum, full time career and still manages to make homemade gifts, now there’s no denying that this woman is amazing… IF it feels good to her.

* What if an amazing woman notices the anxiety and overwhelm in her body and buys in some of the christmas lunch?

* What if an amazing woman is the one who stops listening to the ‘should’s’ that whisper (or scream) in her ear about who to spend christmas with or that the lunch should all be homemade from scratch, and then does what feels good for her, does what’s most loving and kind for her?

* What if an amazing woman is one who asks for help, and gives up the lie of being perfect?

* What if an amazing woman is a rested woman!!?

* What if an amazing woman is the one who is single (again) these holidays and decides to feel the sting of it and see this as part of her love story?

If softening into your feminine energy feels like it’s so far out of your reach right now, if you’ve tried everything to make love, dating and relationships work and you’re still feeling stuck, disconnected and alone… then this is why we created the Feminine Energy Workshops.

This month we’ll be helping you to have the softest holiday from your most feminine self, and how you can open yourselves up to a whole new way of loving and being loved this Christmas.

You can get personalized help from me and other amazing certified coaches in the Feminine Energy Workshop This Sunday, 19th December for only $17!

You’ll get personally coached and scripted to solve your immediate situation and help you…

* Bring in the man you want

* Bring the man you’re with closer than ever

* Bring back a man who’s shut down, distant or withdrawn

* To feel loved, cherished and adored for being exactly who you are.

In this  Workshop on Sunday, 19th December at 6pm BST (12 noon U.S. Central Time,10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, late afternoon Europe, middle-of-the-night Australia!)…

The fee is only $17 and includes:

♥ 90 minutes working with me and Beth Ellen on how to turn YOUR dream into the life and love you want…

♥ The Worksheet to get you started – and…

♥ Video and audio replay of the entire Workshop! So if you can’t make it live you can still take in the whole training.

Love, Naomie

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