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If you’re tempted to follow an “ex” on social media, for so many reasons (it feels comforting, it reduces anxiety, you like hi as a person…):

From Shahrzad Shukra *coach* :

I live by: “Stop looking back, you’re not headed that way.”

And it has served me in every area of my life.

Especially when I truly let go of my ex’s – then showed up the man who was everything that I wanted, who I call my husband now.

So.. the question is my dear: Would you like to move forward?

If yes … then cut all chords from anything that resembles your past

From Debra Darlen:

For me…I want to dig in and get you ‘moving’ to speak…so my first assignment for you is..get out of the house…..and any time you are tempted to sit down and go into the cyber world…go OUTSIDE…

Take a walk, ride your bike, go to the library, and get out your calendar and begin filling it for the next month…

If you want to delve into ‘cyber- social-world’ so for your benefit. So, the way to do that is simply fill up your calendar with at least two activities each day or night (depending on your work/school schedules) that you would enjoy seeing or going to…and there are NO EXCUSES…

For example, get on  and search for fun stuff that you might enjoy. Join some of those groups..and attend several different types of yourself…and just engage and enjoy.

You can also simply google..activities near me…and a whole host of stuff comes up..some of which you may be intrigued by some not..explore it…

Groupon has a site where you can also search for activities for me and all sorts of stuff comes up with tons of discounts… For example, I just signed up for something called ‘Paint Nite’ which is where an artist comes into a local pub and teaches as well as guides you in creating a painting that night!

Check your local universities or college campuses for lectures, activities, Film Festivals, all sorts of activities that are free or extraordinarily inexpensive…

Let’s get out into the world..the REAL world…and the only reason to be’online’ is to get you ‘offline’..into life…

Can you do that..for me? Send me your calendar…share it with us… you will..

I’d like you to have at LEAST two activities each night…that you really want to be out..(weekends usually) but also during the week nights or days as well…

This is habit of ….actually engaging in regular ‘Self Love’…caring for your social life in a healthy, warm, compassionate fashion on a daily basis. This is so important when you experience a breakup or a loss.

I know it ..will you give this a try?

From Natalina Love *coach* alright ladies, try this….

With these dull boring….turn me off and get me outta here type men….

What is the message for me?

What part of myself have I completely disowned…..?

What part of myself….have I disowned…that is awfully sensitive to “x” sort of man….

I can’t say I enthusiastically wish to spend 15 minutes with this type of man….what is that about….

Why such a strong reaction?


From Rori: Use these tips and “prompts” (the coaches on Siren Island often use “prompts/questions” to get you thinking in different directions. This is how they’re able to personalize ALL their coaching for you so quickly…).

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Love, Rori

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