How To Make Him Feel Safe So He Can Love You! Video

Make Him Feel Safe

The whole thing about “creating safety” for a man, when you first hear those words is – anger!

I totally know what that feels like.

If you’re sweet to him, and giving, and loving, and he’s like a block of ice in terms of affection, attention, and commitment – it’s hard to even want to think about his “emotional safety.”

I mean, it should be a “given” right?

That he knows what we need, and just…gives it to us!

But men don’t work that way.

When men feel challenged, pushed, “wrong” –  they freeze up.

They freeze up, and they pull back, and they respond defensively.

It’s incredibly frustrating, and the only foolproof, fast way to break through his armor is to make him feel safe.

This video starts the process for you – and to really learn how to do it, how to handle your righteous anger, how to move things forward in a completely new way – try out a brilliant coach on Siren Circle, here:

Love, Rori

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