How To Make The Whole World Feel Like “Home” – Video

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Have you ever felt not-at-home?

It’s that experience like you’re floating in space, not feeling good about something that happened, something you said, something somebody else said.

It almost feels like you’re floating in a gray area in your brain.

So, what is home?

I’m sitting here my back steps, looking out on my yard.

There’s the fence, and there’s plenty of space out there that is not home.

It’s not where I live; it’s not my home.

It’s free. It’s trees. It’s space. It’s cityscapes. It belongs to the community.

Well, what if everything that occurs, I know this is kind of a radical thought … what of everything that occurs is actually based around a free community concept.

Let’s talk in general about how we react to every little thing that does or does not go the way we want.

We’re not talking about major incidents, although I will talk about those at another time: major incidents where other people get hurt, where there’s a lot of blame and guilt to deal with.

For now, let’s talk about the blame and guilt and shame that happens when we feel that another person did not respond to us in a warm way and we took it personally and thought it was our fault.

We’re not thinking that they didn’t like me because they’re cold and there’s something wrong with them but because I was not appealing.

Have you ever felt like that?

Well, that is the daily in-and-out of running a business and getting clients. Right?

It can feel like: “Oh, if I don’t get that client, they don’t like me. I did something wrong. I am not appealing.”

Every one of us has experienced this with love and with business, but I really want to relate it to business right now, which is something we’re not so familiar with as women.

We keep thinking that it has to be push, push, push, push, push, or it’ll never happen.

The concept of feminine energy in relation to business and money and how it just can come to you, that is just not really common knowledge.

It’s not something that most people could talk about.

Some of us coaches out there talk about feminine energy in business, but, for the most part, you really only watch men talking about making money and doing business and all of that stuff.

If you are a woman who wants to be in business for yourself, who’s tired of trying to fit in the corporate atmosphere, or if you’re tired of doing the entrepreneurial work of being a lawyer or a doctor while finding room for all the feelings that accompany those pursuits, or you just want something new, coaching is something you want to consider.

Coaching in the field you love, whatever it is, whatever kind of healer you are, or generally smart woman you are, you can coach from your strengths.

And coaching is not something you pick with your brain; it’s something that comes from your heart.

So, if you’ve thought about being a consultant or a coach in your field, but you don’t feel at home with that idea because it feels like it doesn’t mesh with all the ideas you’ve had, it feels like it would interfere with the concept you have of yourself, think about the whole world as your home.

I know it’s a weird thing, but you feel that way when you go out in nature, in the woods, the natural environment feels like home in a way, right?

The whole world can feel like home to you.

See if the whole world can start to feel like home to you, make the whole world a home for your unique ideas, and thoughts, and gifts, and talents.

If that doesn’t quite click for you, let me know.

Call me. We’ll talk. I will share with you what I know about creating home. Check out RRRCT here:

You want a place big enough for your ideas and talents, for your personality and your desires.

That’s where everything begins.

Feminine Want: your desire.

You want to bring that into the world through a feeling of being home, not being outside and away from home, but at home in the world.

Love, Rori