How To Reconnect With Your Body After Being In Your Head – Video

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How do we go back into our body after we’ve been in our head?

Remember when I said when I go out for a walk and then I all of a sudden realize that I’ve missed the whole last hundred yards that I’ve walked?

I stop, and my first feeling is of loss – I lost that time where I wasn’t aware, and the second I feel that, I can feel the difference…

I can distinguish in my head.

Thinking about things, future things, going over things in the past, and the reality of the grass and the snow that’s blanketing everything right now and each individual leaf, the leaves that are still on trees.

All of that fascinates me!

And I am well aware if I’m in a sad frame of mind, right now I’m in a very sad frame of mind… I’ve noticed I’m wearing my dog’s collar on my wrist.

I just said goodbye to him last week and I never know when I’m going to be overcome by major ugly crying, major beautiful crying, major let go of feelings.

Feeling your feelings and getting familiar with how they cycle through you, and what thoughts come up with them – and how you react or respond with them – this incredible knowledge of yourself automatically leads to amazing things!

You’ll suddenly, without any affirmations or input, start to appreciate and love yourself more!

You’ll start to take a breath before you react.

And, SO important, you’ll start to realize, and feel all the awesomeness of finally knowing what you WANT, and how to express that to a man – and to ANYONE! – so you can finally, really get what you want.

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