How To Shift Your Instinct To Attach To A Man Too Quickly

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The Question:

“Rori, help, I get attached so quickly to a man – even one I’ve just met on a dating app – and it makes me feel so foolish and weak to get so attached…This is why I hate dating! June”

My Answer:

June, Hi, and, for me, the big word here – the word that will help you SO much is: “experience.”

You just need experience in Circular Dating – and once you do, you’ll begin to notice that you feel less quickly attached, you feel less expectations – it just sort of happens.

It’s sort of like dress shopping – if you just zero in on one dress, everything about it becomes a big deal.

If you try on 50 dresses in 90 minutes in the fitting room, one right after the other – all of a sudden, so many things become apparent!

All of a sudden you experience different colors, different shapes, different materials – and you’ll start to recognize your reactions and responses to all those qualities.

So – I want to encourage you to begin trying on “men” the way you’d try on dresses, and I believe you’ll be amazed how quickly your confidence will climb, and you’ll begin to trust your discernment, your “hits” and your feelings.

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Love, Rori

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