How To Stay In Your Feminine Energy And Stop Patterning – Podcast!

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“Patterning” is the constant repetition inside us of the same reactions, words, thoughts, feelings, memories over and over and over…they automatically get activated, in exactly the same way – and these Patterns can totally determine how the next hour of our life goes….

They can determine how your next experience goes…the next minute…the rest of your life…

And we’ll be talking about a solution: How to “Interrupt” the patterns that aren’t working for you, so that you can have the life and love you want.

How to “interrupt” the patterns in our relationships, how to stop the continuing cycle of “Patterning”, how to give ourselves fully to a moment, to a kiss, to a conversation.

Most of us have come to rely on someone else to Interrupt our pattern – our child, our pet – and mostly our men.

With a man, we’ve come to rely on “Chemistry” to interrupt our own self-judging habitual Patterns – and, so, when he isn’t doing that job for us, we can easily build up resentment!

So much to talk about, and this podcast covers so much.

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Love, Rori

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