How To Talk To A Man – Live Masterclass With Rori Raye And Jeffrey Mark Levine

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The Masterclass “How To Talk To A Man” with Jeffrey Mark Levine (my husband!) will happen on Saturday, August 14th, at 12 noon U.S. Central Time (don’t worry if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the video and audio replays and the materials – and you can get your questions answered just by writing us)!

A Note: This video was created before our very first How To Talk To A Man Masterclass in 2019, and, though we’re now a little more experienced working together like this, we still have no idea what’s going to happen, who’ll say what, and how it’s all going to feel for us – so the nerves and excitement are still all very real! The topics for this Masterclass are “Everything Is Talkaboutable”, and “The Sanctuary Relationship” and we’ll be talking, answering questions, coaching and Scripting for 90 minutes!

Here’s the link to sign up->

Love, Rori

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