How To Use A Chair To Bring Him Closer! – Video

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I wanted to actually show you how to do this – so here’s a video!

And here’s the Transcript in words!:

I’ve got a big, comfy chair here. This is my office chair.  You might have a dining room chair, or a favorite chair.

Use a favorite chair, but it has to have a back, and the back has to be high enough to go at least up to your neck, up to the top of your back, so you can feel it, and it has to feel steady.

Okay, now, I want you to imagine that your man’s right in front of you there, he’s really in front of you. Okay?

So he’s starting something that’s making you feel tense, right?

So now I want you to lean, push your upper body back into this chair.  Just lean away from him with all your might. Just  lean away, pull away from him.

And, Lean back into this chair. Feel the chair. Feel its awesomeness. Feel the strength. Feel the support of it. Feel the love of it.

And just lean back into the chair and practice starting to talk.

Say, Hi, the day feels so awesome. Oh, I’m feeling cranky. Oh, I need to go sit down. I can feel myself getting faint…I can feel I don’t want to talk. I feel a fight coming on. I don’t want to fight…

Whatever you want to say, it doesn’t matter at this point. Let’s not worry about words.

But as you’re saying it to the man in front of you, I want you just to find yourself pulling back into this chair as deep as you can.

The concept is that you’re creating space with him.

He doesn’t have to create space by starting a fight anymore.

You’re creating the space, and you’re not doing it out of anger. You’re just pulling back, and as you pull back, you will automatically begin to pull him toward you.

You’ll begin to see him following you around the room!

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