If Good Men Don’t Feel Sexy To You, Read This!

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Here’s a great letter re: A Good Man vs. A Sexy One” from Gina with a terrific outcome:

Hi and I have an answer for this one!

YES and yes….well, a maybe!

I was also attracted to the bad boy vibes and as it turned out, also that he was so very good at sending these out to so many OTHER women, at the same time!!! No discretion and no discerning one from another, it seemed at the end.

Ever wonder what it feels like to see another woman’s hair in his hairbrush?…tampons under the sink?…car in his driveway?…

Well, enough drama. After a brief mourning, I said YES to dating a really nice man who was interested in ME and in (as he put it) finding a keeper. Never heard those words from Mr. Libido.

So, two years later, I have been courted sweetly and with good intentions. It’s all working out just fine!

He keeps surprising me with ‘sexy’ overtures and ideas….all for ME and isn’t that the best way? He shares many of the same interests and in a nice, normal way.

We are friends, too and I never could say the former Mr. Ex would come to my assistance given the opportunity.

Sure, I did date some guys with no libidos or, given the occasion…NO response.

There is a difference and you will not have to wait long to figure that kind out. Just, don’t take it personally!

Like a pair of shoes, you may be just not a good fit! Good luck!

ps. putting up with that loser, and for too long, despite the signs….but it was a good prep for new man in my life.  The ‘loser’ called me a couple of times and at one point, he and new man were in the same room and I just looked back and forth between them and thought, “Nope, not losing THIS one!” (smile!)  The former looked like the jerky turkey that he was!

Funny how we think one man is just the ultimate HANDSOME until they are side by side!!!…with a REAL DEAL who has got it together.  What flattery!

The plain Joe becomes a “wow”…my guy looks like a young Marlon Brando to me, in fact!

sign me, Still Perking and Passionate

Note From Rori:

If you’re struggling with being attracted to “good men” who really want to love you, you’re not alone!

We’ve all been trained to feel attractioin to “bad boys”, self-involved men, and men who look like movie stars.

We’ve all been trained to feel attraction when men are both “cool” and overtly sexual.

If what you really want right now is to feel loved, develop a powerful, growing sexual life with a man who truly loves you and is devoted to your pleasure, but every man who seems “good”, kind and wants to be with you also leaves you cold…AND…

…everytime you do have sex with a man you like who also turns you on, it doesn’t seem to develop into a real romance and relationship…

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