If Men Just Aren’t Working Out For You…

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Along with writing out solid Solutions and Answers –  and direct advice about what to do – 

 – What we’re most truly and deeply about here is helping you discover what to “do” yourself from your feminine energy, your emotions, your feelings of peace and well-being.

The way you discover this is to actually FEEL what you feel at any given moment with a man – and it sounds to me like you feel excited by a man, and then he disappoints you (badly), and you feel terrible.This is the mark of addiction – the ups and downs.

The saying: “Addicted To Love,” is exactly this, that we are all addicted to the “highs” of love, and then feel angry and frustrated when the man deals a low blow or just fades.

The question for you to ask yourself, then, in order to discover where to go next is: “Is there a pattern here?”

And, though it may seem “obvious” to anyone else that there’s absolutely a pattern here, YOU need to be the one to discover it!, see it, actually get that there’s a pattern there – and then decide how committed you might be to breaking that old pattern and entering an entirely new way to be in a love relationship.

If you believe that it all has to do with men you’ve met and been with, that men are impossible, that love isn’t possible…..

It has nothing to do with men or the quality, emotion and action of love.

It has to do with who, what kind of man and feeling of love you’re welcoming in, focusing on, giving your energy to – much the same as your inner THOUGHTS!

What are you entertaining?

What are you giving your energy to?

And the answers will be very clear.

Usually, it’s: I’m giving my energy to a man who is not providing the same amount (or more) of his energy to me, who is NOT making me feel secure, loved, and surrounded by devotion.

This is a complete shift in mindset.

Food is a good “metaphor” here:  I would say we’re not going for TASTE and LOOKS here, we are first learning about NUTRITION.

About what FEEDS us, and then we begin to learn how to focus on nutrition from the love of men that feels good in the way of supporting our bodies, that heals us, makes us strong …and then begin to make choices in men that elevate us.

What happens then is our TASTE changes!!!! I know you’ve experienced this many times in the world of food.

Things that felt foreign, maybe even “flat” – grow on you. they become foods you crave.

All of a sudden, “healthy,” starts to TASTE GOOD!

The process of all this learning, healing and shifting of patterns is Circular Dating.

You slowly learn – through PRACICE! – to not chase, not give energy to ANYTHING or ANYONE that does not serve you.

This way – you train yourself!

Love, R

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