If You Love A Man Who Brings You Only Pain…


The Question:

I just don’t feel attracted to most men who like me.  I’m always attracted to men who aren’t interested in commiting to me. What should I do?

My Answer:

We all have to make a choice sometime, somewhere.
You have to – perhaps over a long time of experiencing and experimenting – decide what you want: a life partner who cares for you, works with you, fulfills your needs, makes you feel secure and enriches your life, or high-chemistry relationships that may be of short duration and trigger you to both excitement and then pain.
The myth of “true love” just isn’t reality.

Even the most amazing relationship becomes mundane after awhile, and whether or not it goes forward and grows over time depends on the quality of the partnership anyway – so start THERE!

Let the man who’s in love with you come and be with you.

Give him a chance.

Wanting  a man who is mercurial and who cannot be your partner  – is an old pattern we all nurtured through puberty and find we’re still stuck with much of the time.

The fantasy of long-lasting, powerful, exciting, secure love can be real – it just often involves a different man, a different partner – someone to whom partnership is his top ability.

It doesn’t matter what you do – go or stay – because it’s all experience, learning.

Use the Awareness tools, learn about yourself, feel, find out what’s important to you, see if you feel lost in this man or if you can retain yourself…

 The “pain” is not relevant here. whatever you do, there will be pain, because it comes from inside us.

You are free to experiment.

The important thing is that you let your Inner Boy take you into action, meet new men, practice the Tools you’re learning.

The important thing is that you put pleasure, fun, wonderfulness, good feelings, getting your core needs met at the top of your list.

Love, Rori
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