If Your Man Is Drifting Away…Your Feminine Energy Can Turn Things Around…

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The Question:

“Dear Rori, I’m already so lost.. How can I be sure that my man will call me if I just wait long enough? I’ve purchased your Commitment Blueprint program because my boyfriend is getting more and more distant, and I’m now struggling with the turnaround.

I’m so frustrated beause I haven’t heard from him for 4 days! And I wonder if he is ever gonna call me.. We have been together for 1,5 years but the relationship is not moving forward. Send me your power please! Lost”

The Answer From Natalina Love:

Dear Lost, Hi, This is Coach Natalina Love, the Siren School Director.

I’m so sorry your man is being distant, I understand how frustrating it feels when a man pulls away and I’m glad you found Rori and have the Commitment Blueprint tools to work with now.

To Your Question, I’ll add….how can we EVER be sure of what a man will or will not do? and the answer is: we can’t.

There are no guarantees.

Fortunately or Unfortunately ….There’s no magic formula.

Men do what they want to do. They go where they feel good.

…and as much as I’ve heard myself and other Sirens lament over this very thing, please don’t let this shake your faith in love or your faith in how beautifully connected the relationship you really want can be.

Recapping the typical relationship-connection instinct:

When a man starts pulling away and becomes more and more distant, we instinctively want to move to close that gap, right? We want to fix it.

But an empowered feminine woman has a better option….

Rori’s feminine energy tools teach us to completely turn ourselves OFF of this instinct to chase after a man.

Simply applying a ‘no contact’ strategy can be how this may look on an outside level, but it goes much deeper and includes what is still occupying our masculine energy.

We have to go beyond just STOPPING any physical initiation, but this is a good start to rewiring your relationship, so please celebrate that. Brava! Every baby step matters.

Another big part of the “supporting the relationship” but ‘not doing’ and not trying to fix him is the inner work of getting more acquainted with how our thoughts, feelings, complaints, and pain go out to him too….

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that our men can feel us even if we were on the Moon?!

When a man ‘feels’ pressure from a woman, there isn’t anywhere far enough…. but we can use this same idea to create the love we want too.

All of the Siren ways to be and have the love we want are centered around learning to use our desire in a different, more magnetic and mysteriously attractive way than most of us have been taught.

This empowered femininine energy in romantic relationships is RARELY modeled in a format accessible enough to be helpful to us.

But you have Rori and the whole siren community, so all of that changes for you now!

Here’s a couple prompts for you that I believe will help tune into your feminine wisdom:

In the Context of this time of no contact with your boyfriend specifically…. notice how that feels in your body…..

I want you to really tune into what your body wants YOU to hear….

1. how does it feel not hearing from him for the better part of a week…. ?

2. and then how does it feel WANTING to hear from him…. MORE. how does wanting more feel?

Notice all the thoughts and feelings as you consider each of these two prompts.

if you are anything like me, you may find a bit of confusion in these questions, contradictions, conflict, like a mental and emotional ‘storm’ but none of THAT is the problem.

The Storm is love.

Fundamentally it’s ALL only love, and what we are going to do is tap into all that energy in a new way that will allow you to see what this man is really made of, and see if he can be the man who contributes to and cherishes what your relationship dynamic has to offer.

You’ll learn more about how to harness all of the energy of an ‘inner storm’ and it turn into the feminine magnetism that you need, so that you never have to worry again about a man slipping through your fingers…. as you continue to work with and practice Rori’s tools.

I’ll be sure to let you know how to work with Siren School Coaches LIVE so that you can cut straight to the heart of what is disrupting your natural power and ability to keep a man WANTING to be close…and always be moving toward the more connected, intimate, romantic connection every Siren-hearted woman wants.

The very first Siren Circle coaching session focuses on the romantic energy exchange, tracking where your natural magnetism comes from, and what your natural ‘pull him in’ factor is like as well as when that important romantic polarity is neutralized or gets ‘disconnected’…

Your coach will be able to tell a lot about how to keep him interested in a way that creates more depth, more intimacy, more connection and all the good stuff.

The Siren Circle program offers a format of 3 full hour sessions privately, and also includes 4 weeks of voice messaging support for $297.

I will be there to organize and schedule your sessions for you, and assign the most optimum coaches for you.

Just go here to sign up, and I will be in touch with you with welcome materials! 

Love, Natalina

Siren School Director



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