If Your Marriage Feels Awful…

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The Question:

“Rori, I am in a marriage of 20 years. Having difficulty with the decision to leave.  I have been thru hell. Sad and Confused”

The Answer – From Natalina Love:

Sad and Confused, I’m so sorry, 20 years, and feeling confused about when the pain is great enough to leave it all behind and try to start a new life apart….

It’s a big ask for ourselves, I don’t blame you in the least for any of what you feel or any of the thoughts that may have crossed your mind.

And I’m glad that you have found Rori.

Please don’t rush yourself into a decision prematurely, if it’s taken this long holding on, I trust your judgement here, and working with Rori’s tools in a focus around gaining more trust in yourself, will be one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself.

What if there is no rush?

There’s been something that’s kept you where you are, and I know how it feels to not know what other options are available. so please be gentle with yourself.

While we can romanticize ‘hell’ and all the pain, sacrifice, and hardship we’ve been told mean more for a relationship, eventually, as we gain more and more love for ourselves – our actions, naturally and organically can lead to more love for everyone involved.

Even while faced with  the more confusing forked paths.

Sad and Confused, my heart goes out to you. Making Big Decisions doesn’t have to be done all in one huge sweeping action, often enough the big meaningful changes we make are made up of tiny shifts.

If you’d like more personal support with what you are going through, please consider joining the Siren Circle Private Coaching program where I can pair you with one or more of Rori’s Siren coaches to hold your hand and guide you through these small shifts to the life and relationships you’re hurting so badly for…

Love isn’t intended to hurt, but so many of us don’t have models for this kind of love relationship…

Be gentle with yourself. Take small steps to support yourself in the changes you wish to make.

We’re all cheering for you from this side.


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