If You’re Having Trouble Deciding What’s Next For You?

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If you’re feeling like you’re treading water: seemingly “going nowhere”, feeling “goal-less”, feel like you’re flitting around like a bee collecting honey, in a situation where you’re not the “Queen” – you’re not alone… 

I know most all women I know have this same conundrum…

When my husband goes off to visit his family for 2 weeks every year, it takes me almost 2 weeks to decompress.


It’s as though I am still wading through what I REALLY want, rather than what shows up, or what I thought I wanted or have to do.

And – my discovery, personally, and working with so many women all over the world, and – so many women I’ve trained as coaches – drilled into us from day 1 just keeps overbearingly sending messages so strong it’s hard to hear your own voice.

Add that to what’s happening all over the world, the state of so many women (and men, too) all over the world, and we get into what I’m now calling “an activist state” – but without any of the foundation for it, and completely from masculine energy.

The women I know who are mediums, psychics, and sensitives ( I consider myself “sensitive”, and I’ve been described as clairaudient – but nowhere near the level of some of my friends…) – spend more time protecting themselves that they do “with” themselves.”

I am quite focused now on the different elements at play here, and I’ve decided that hormones, especially thyroid and the ups and downs of estrogen play a huge part in our “mood” and what we think about.

How gently we can glide around life, or if we bump into our brains continually.

I would love to get into this topic in the next Siren Island Masterclass, and be of assistance for you as you feel your way to the next thing you “want” to spend time with….that alone will lead you to your next “work”.

If you’d like to join me on Siren Island, try us out here:

Love, Rori

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