Is “Getting” Something Masculine Energy?

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I was just written a lovely note about “Get Him Back” – with a question: “Isn’t ‘getting’ a man back a masculine thing?” In other words, does it seem like a violation of the feminine energy we are all about here at Siren School to “get” anything?

And I thought about it quite a bit, because it never even occurred to me to see it as a leaning forward, masculine thing…to me “getting” is the same as “having” or “receiving.”

And then I realized that we all have learned to “go and get” something. That “getting” is a process of striving, reaching, going after something…”go get ’em, girl!”

Well, let’s completely turn that around.

How about “I get to have this.” “I got a gift.” “I get loved.” And there is “get a degree, get a job, get ..” .so many things that we can see as a reaching out, going after – OR we can see it as “GIVEN TO US!!!!!” Going through college and having “earned” a degree can be seen in many ways.

How did I “do” the work? Was it organic, natural and fun for me, or was I always in masculine energy striving and going after.

This is the Business Siren message – that feeling the desire to express ourselves (yes, even in an exam!) shows up in the form of many accomplishments.

What happens when you think of “getting” as “being given” – rather than “going and getting?”

Love, R

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  1.  #1Femininewoman on November 14, 2017 at 9:34 am

    It just feels so passive though and I find myself thinking of it as lame